Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Money Saving Sites

Hello Everyone!  Wednesday already.  Time sure flies by!  And yippee...Wednesdays are a half day of school for my little man.  I sure miss him when he's at school.  Chewy and I are off to do some gardening in a bit, but I thought I'd leave you with a few of my favorite money-saving sites.  I hope you'll leave me with a few of your own.  Remember when I posted my favorite freebies?  Check them out if you're interested.

Here's my favorite places to save a few may have already heard of them.  Click on the title to take you there or enter it in your brower yourself.  Have Fun!

Upromise is a free service that lets you earn money for college from participating partners.  FREE!  You can shop online and a portion of what you spend goes back into your account.  I have got to remember to do that!  You can register a credit card or debit card and a portion goes back when you eat at participating restaurants.  Register your grocery shopping card and earn money back from participating companies when you buy their products.  Really, it's super easy.  I've been doing it since Scooter was a baby.  We're not rich from it, but hey....every little bit helps when it comes to college.  Especially since it looks like we'll be spending a fortune to help the kid get straight teeth.  Bad genes.  Bad, bad genes.  As Biker Boy said (and my dad when I was a kid), "There goes my new car." 

Retail Me Not
I always check out this place when I'm shopping online.  Just enter in the online place you're shopping at and sometimes a code or two will pop up.  It's where I get those special codes to save me money at online stores.  I got a discount code from here to save me money on that map I got a little while back.  You can get money off codes and free shipping codes.  I've always had ones that worked, but sometimes they may not.  It'll show you how often the code works.  Handy stuff.  Me likey saving money.  Especially when I'm still paying 2 mortgages.  Anyone want to buy a house, it's still for sale?
Okay, I think the title about explains it all.  There are free shipping codes for nearly 2500 stores at this site.  Don't ship without it.

That's all I've got for you today.  So, tell me....what helps you save a penny, dime, or quarter?  Please share.  And have yourself a great day!

Psst.....I'm not affiliated with these sites in any way.  I'm just sharing some favorite info.

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