Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Pedestal of a Lesson

I may not have much useful information to share, since I'm really not an expert on anything.  Except my me an expert on my very own kids.  But I learn a lot.  I'll share my failures.  I'll share my dirt. (Dirt as in a real mess...not dirt as in gossip.)  I'll share what I learn. 

I've learned a pedestal of a lesson with a pedestal table. 

Have you ever used Craigslist?

Big fan of selling stuff on there.  We've done it quite a bit.  Things have gone fast on there.  Super handy if you're moving. 

I've never bought anything off Craigslist until just recently.  All by myself.  Okay, Chewy went with me.  Without Biker Boy.  *uff dah*

I learned a lesson or 2. 

1) If the price looks too good to be true, most often that's true.  I found a cheapo round pedestal coffee table on Craigslist and was super excited when it was still available.  I've been wanting a round coffee table for family movie nights and for family game nights during the winter.  I love the coffee table we have now (it was my grandparents' and then my parents' and then we got it when we got married), but it's going to another room.  The table was cheap in price and well, it ended up being cheap.  Read on.  I never got a before picture before we destroyed it.

2) You can say NO.  I should have said no when I saw the table had a huge gap on the top.  But the cheapo part of me was thinking that it would be easy to fix.  So I loaded it in the back of the van.

3)  Get a second opinion.  Apparently a three-year-old isn't very good at second opinions.  I should have had Biker Boy look at it first.  He probably won't have bought it.  But he did think we could repair it.

4) You may not be able to repair it.  Yep, the top was so light and flimsy that it broke.  Into a lot of pieces.  Did I tell you that the table was made out of an old door?  Yep.

5) You may be able to repair some of it.  The pedestal was salvageable.  It just needed some TLC and a little wood filling.

6) Assume the worst.  The table had seen better days and it stunk.  I gloved my hands and washed it with some TSP.  There were dust bunnies and black nasty stuff stuck in the caster wheels, which I promptly threw out.  Yuck.

7)  Make it a family affair.  I bought the table and Biker Boy broke it with my permission.  He bought me a new round top to make me feel better cause I felt so guilty.  The kids got to play with tools on the damaged part and learned how to attach a pedestal to a round top.  Break out those compasses and make some circles.  It's a party!

8)  Paint works wonders.  Thank goodness for being able to refinish furniture.  And for being able to buy a new round top for the table.  I primed everything and it started looking better.

9)  It just may turn out better than the original.  With the new top on the table, it's so much more sturdier than before.  The kids can sit on it and it doesn't flip over or move. 

10) Something new doesn't necessarily mean new habits.  We're covering the new table with just as many books as the old table.  This picture below is just a few books.  We like to read.  A little too much. 

In the end, I've learned a few lessons about shopping for something off of Craigslist.  I learned I still like refinishing furniture as much as I did 12 years ago.  (I do like it!)  It's great to get the family involved and we're all really happy with our new/old table.  *smile*

So tell me, what's your Craigslist experience?  Too good to be true?  An awesome find?  A lesson learned?

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