Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Supporting Schools

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Whether you have kids in school or not, you can still support your local schools.  With money.  Not actual cash, but things you collect that are worth money.   

Here are a couple of easy ways:

Box Tops for Education

Just look for box tops on hundreds of participating items in grocery stores and stores such as Target and WalMart.  Kleenex, Cheerios, Ziploc, Avery, Betty Crocker, Hefty, Juicy Juice.  Look at and under those boxes and cut out the Box Top official coupon.  It's worth actual money!  MONEY!  Turn it in to your local school or give it to someone you know who can take it to a school for you. I've already sent Scooter off with a bunch that I've been saving for awhile.  By the way.....they do have expiration dates. 

Labels for Education

You rip labels off of cans again.  Except this time they are worth points to get supplies for schools.  Rip them off of your Campbell's cans.  Send them into a school so they can get some much needed items.

Earn & Learn Program

This all depends on where you live and what grocery stores you have. I shop at Smith's and have a shopper card there.  I have my son's school designated as my school of choice to earn back a portion of what I spend at the store.  I even had the school designated before Scooter went there.  They just swipe my card and the school starts earning money.  Now that is my kind of fundraising.  I don't have to ask neighbors, friends, and family to buy things I really don't even want to buy.  I just buy groceries and the school gets money.  It's win-win!

Drink Pouch Brigade

I've heard of this one, but haven't actually done this since I don't tend to buy Capri Sun.  You sign up with to start getting money for your school or organization.  Then you collect pouches and send them in to TerraCycle where the pouches are recycled.  The pouches are made into new gear and your school gets money  (2 cents per pouch)!  Sounds good to me!

Any other easy ways to help your local schools raise money?  Enjoy your day!  Thanks for stopping on by!

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