Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Activities

There are so many fun things to do during the fall as the weather cools down, as the leaves change color, and as the days gets shorter.  Biker Boy would tell you that there's nothing better than mountain biking in the dark.  You just need to remember your light.

Here are a few of our favorite autumn activities:

Visit a Cider Mill or Apple Orchard
Or you can just buy apple cider at the store!  That's what we've been doing lately and the kids love it for a treat!  Not to mention all the yummy apple goodies that you can bake up!  We've enjoyed apple muffins and apple crisp recently!  Yum!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Pick your own pumpkin!  Besides a hayride to get your pumpkin, our local pumpkin patch has a lot of other attractions.  The kids and I have been going there every year since moving to the southwest between MOPS trips, preschool field trips, and a kindergarten field trip.  Or just have fun going to the store to pick out a pumpkin.  Every year since my oldest was a baby, I get a mini pumpkin for each kid.  They now enjoy picking out their own.  Pumpkin Patches and will help you find a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay ride, haunted corn mazes, and more. 

Visit a Corn Maze
Sometimes you can do a corn maze with another attraction.  Fun.  Get lost.  You might want to ditch the stroller and carry the kid.  Some websites you can visit to see if there is a maze near you are: The Maize, Corn Mazes America, and Maze Play.

Hay Rides
Whether you go on an organized ride or just one with friends, hay rides can be a lot of fun.  Day time or night time!  Not so much fun if you're allergic to hay.  My poor boys get runny noses on them.  So Biker Boy gives our kids rides on our small tractor.  Sometimes in a trailer full of wood chips behind the tractor.  Yep.  Good times. 

Have a Bon Fire
Nothing like a little fire to take off the cold chill in the air.  You could do smores.  Or popcorn.  Cookies.  Hot Apple Cider.  Food + Fire = Fun.  I'm sure I don't have to remind you about fire safety.  Or skip the fire and just opt for a movie night and watch some classic autumn movies like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." 

Take a Fall Colors Hike or Drive
If you are near changing colors, take a hike to enjoy them.  Take some pictures.  (I took about 400 on our fall hike two weeks ago.  I'll only subject you to one that Biker Boy took.)  Otherwise, just take a nice stroll and enjoy the nature near you.  Or take a drive somewhere and enjoy the beauty.

Do Some Fun Crafts
There's the usual pumpkin carving and fall decorating.  We've made Leaf Men the last couple of years.  See how to make your own here.

Baking and the cooler weather just seem to go together.  Yummy!  And pumpkin anything is entirely yummy!  You can check out pumpkin oatmeal cookies here and mummy cookies here.  And of course there's my family's tradition of turkey cookies here!

Visit the Farmer's Market
Our local farmer's market is coming to an end soon, but fall is a great time to visit.  They have huge pumpkins for cheap prices, interesting squashes, local honey, homemade bread and jams, and other fun stuff.

Any other suggestions for some autumn activities?  What do you like to do during this time of the year?

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