Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy Birthday Treats - Tar Pits

Scooter's birthday is this weekend, so he took his birthday treat into school today. 

He wanted Tar Pits......with dinosaurs.  (Thanks mom for the suggestion!) 

We were going to do gummy dinosaurs, but I couldn't find any.  Or I could have bought them online and paid more in shipping than they cost.  And the kids probably don't need the extra sugar, so I found little plastic dinosaurs at the dollar store. 

I made labels for the Tar Pit cups and for the little water bottles.  Scooter helped pick out the graphics. 

And don't worry....the dinosaurs only resided on the cookie crumbs for the picture.  I put them on wax paper to store and transport them.  The dinosaurs are made in China, so I'm not sure what they're made of.  I didn't want the kids getting lead poisoning from our birthday treat.  And I don't want to be the bad mommy.  I'm already sugaring the kids up. So we left the dinosaurs on wax paper and transported them to school. 

These are so easy to make that even a three-year-old could do it.  Wait, a three-year-old did.

You could make your own tar pits or dirt cups.  Just fill a cup with pudding and top with crushed cookies.  Then put in gummy dinos, gummy bugs, gummy worms, or plastic toys.  Even gummy bears.  I like the idea of gummy they make those?  Just be sure no one eats the plastic toys if you use those.  I think putting them on wax paper may help to keep the kids from eating them.  Maybe.  You never know with some kids.

I can just see the kindergarten classroom now.....sugar high kids running around with plastic dinosaurs.  Meat eaters vs. plant eaters.  I hope the teacher is happy I packed water and not a juice box!

Any other birthday treats out there beyond cupcakes?  What would you put in your pudding cup?

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