Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going Wild

For awhile we went wild.

Really wild. in Wild Flowers.

They drive me nuts during the summer while they're growing because we have them everywhere.  I'll even admit to have taken a few or five or more out!  But they are so worth it in the fall when they bloom. 

We have wild asters.  They're just gorgeous when they bloom.

I love how our backyard looks when they're blooming!

Thankfully I live in an area where we can just let the natives go wild.  Ahem...not that wild.  I'm talking about the plants.....native plants. 

Wanna talk about the bees and butterflies?  Ahem...not those bees and butterflies.

I'm talking real bees and butterflies.

The bees were plentiful around the asters.  You don't want to know how many pictures I took of the bees.

But some good things come to an end.  And the asters came to a violent end. Really violent.

We had a hail storm.

It was pretty big hail.  Lots of hail.

Bye, bye Asters.  Hello insurance adjuster.  Hello new roof, stucco repair, and new outdoor light.

What's going wild in your area?

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