Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom Cave

Do you have a mom cave? A space just for you.

Can I call this my mom cave?

Because these days, that’s it. I share it with the cat and her box. Not pleasant. While in there I often hear the calls of “MOMMY!” *sigh*

Our office/guest/exercise room was once my dumping grounds.

The family computer has ventured to the living room and I’m making the room more welcoming for guests. (Hi Mom! Looking forward to your visit!)

I don’t have a Mom Cave.

Our bedroom is childfree due to a “doggie gate.” I can envision a corner that’s my Mom Cave. Just the cat and I. No litter box. Hubby would be welcome. No kids.

Of course…I’d do it for a bargain. $250 from HomeGoods would go far!

I envision a desk for my writing and continuing education. A lamp, favorite photos, and desk essentials. Add a chair, a cup of tea, and me. *smile*

I can dream! What would you do with $250? Spruce up your mom cave? Dream of your own? Check out Centsational Girl to enter the Mom Cave party.

I’m headed to my mom cave now…. with extra toilet paper rolls. They make good earplugs.


  1. A mom needs her dreams. I think it is wonderful you invite the cat to share your space.
    Good luck!

  2. It sounds to me like you really need that $250! I hope you get it!

    Best wishes,

  3. Follow your dreams! Your office space is wonderful, and I think it has much potential.


  4. That. Was. Hilarious. I remember those days with my kids. You deserve a mom cave.

  5. Your post cracked me up! But it's so true- sometimes the only alone time is in the bathroom! Your dog is super cute by the way:)

  6. You all are so kind! I wanted an open concept home to be with my kids, but there are those times I need a moment to myself! But don't we all need a moment or place of our own sometimes! I'd be delighted if one of you won also!

  7. You mean you get to use the toilet without the kids coming in??

    I finally got my mom cave, but didn't have the time to sew. I finally got the time to sew, and the kids started moving back in with significant others. Now my mom cave is a desk/sitting area for someone else. My stuff is crammed in a junk room that needs a serious makeover. It should be ready for the grandma cave contest;-)

  8. Hee, Hee Baye! You make me laugh! The kids did come in the bathroom before, but the gate to keep the dog out of our room also has the added benefit of keeping the kids out of the master bath. And they wonder why I don't use their bathroom?! I hope you get to use your cave sometime! When it's a Grandma cave it'll probably be full of stuff for the grandkids!


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