Friday, October 1, 2010

Oops...I Did It Again

Sing it Folks!  Oops, I did it again......And that's all I know. 

Oops.  Oops Paint.  Are you familiar with Oops paint?  It's on a shelf in the paint section at those big box home improvement stores.  It's mistinted paint, marked down in price paint, oops paint. 

LOVE OOPS PAINT!  I check out that shelf every time we go to one of those stores. 

I sometimes come home with it.  The gallons of paint are only $5 and so tempting.  But I can't have cans of paint just sitting around.  I've got enough.  One day I came home with two little cans of it.  They sat around waiting and waiting for their oops moment.

The oops paint moment arrived when we decided to kiss the black of our American Attic plant tables good-bye.  Biker Boy has fond memories of these plant tables being at his great-grandma's house.  But we decided to lighten them up since we're fond of light and neutral colors.  Breezy, easy, colorful colors too. 

I tested out the two oops paint colors and one of a homemade mixture.  They all look the same in the picture.  They pretty much did in real life too.  Although one was a light tan and one was a light gray.  I went with gray and don't regret that choice one bit. 

I had a wonderful little helper.  This girl loves to paint.  Let me tell you, she'll be refinishing furniture with the best of them soon. 

Here you can see one finished table and its black pair behind it. 

We even upgraded the plants.  Succulents.  Hopefully we can't kill them.  The kids and I collected rocks from the backyard and put them in with the plants to cover the dirt. 

I like my plant tables even better now!  I love the gray color.  Yummy. 

So....are you an oops fan?  Any great oops colors that you've picked up?  Any color mixers out there?  I'm notorious around here for mixing up my own "custom" colors?  It's an addiction.  A habit.  I guess it could be worse. 

And before I leave you for the's a little video of my painter working away on those planter tables.  I know the grandparents will enjoy it!

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