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Scooter & Chewy Review - Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

My husband has a slight obsession.....with something other than me and mountain bikes. Biker Boy loves anything R/C. That is remote controlled and at a cheap price. Being that I'm the master budget keeper, Biker Boy keeps his R/C obsession in check and always checks with me first before adding to his small collection. He can tell you what is good and worth it in the under $40 category. Helicopters, airplanes, cars, and trucks.
With the holiday season fast approaching and gift giving time coming up, we thought we'd let you in on our family favorite. This would make a great gift for a novice R/C person, a truck obsessed child, and anyone with a love of rock climbing monster trucks. Fun times. At a reasonable price.

I'm talking about the Maisto Tech Radio Control Rock Crawler. Google it. You'll find it lots of places online. But the cheapest place to get it at is Walmart. $29.99 in the toy section. They go fast.  In I mean, you might not be able to find it at the store.  Good luck.  Because at under $30....this thing is worth it. Fun and more fun. Now the fanatical, professional, know what they're talking about, get expensive item R/C people might poo-poo this R/C truck......but we think it's a great value and that it performs well beyond it's price range.
I'll give you the specs and then I'll give you what we think. You know you want to hear the opinion of a 5 and 3-year-old. Cause that's what counts. Plus the opinion of a dad with child-like enthusiasm. And the Mommy Review. Cause she's the CEO of the household. And the blogger.

Highlights from the box:Rock Crawling Action
Independent Suspension
8+ years
TRI Channel Transmitter, 27 MHz, Drive multiple cars with your friends
Requires 1 x 9V & 6 x AA batteries

Did you get that all? Forget the 8+ part. My 5-year-old can drive this truck like a pro. I'm not coordinated at driving anything R/C and this is my favorite to drive. Because of the independent suspension it's not the speediest vehicle on the block. The slower speed makes it easier for little ones and me to drive. Plus it can climb some cool stuff. Watch the videos we took at the end. Or just get one for yourself.

More from the box.  This set contains:
1 PC RC Vehicle
1 PC RC Transmitter

Full Function Radio Control
Big Off-Road Tires
Steering Alignment Adjustment

What We Think: (Paraphrased by the mommy)
Scooter:  It's cool!  I like to drive this truck.  It can climb over rocks.  We took it to the race with the big rocks and drove it.  It feel off a cliff a couple of times.  I think it's awesome.  But it's not as fast as my truck. 

Chewy: I like to watch the truck.  I don't drive it because I don't want to run it into me.  Ranger (the dog) chases the truck.  We like to run after the trucks. 

Biker Boy: This truck is definitely worth the money.  It's got two engines, one in the front and one in the back.  The independent suspension is great and for its size the truck can climb a lot of obstacles.  If you use it repeatedly in dirt the steering will become sloppy over time.  It would be great to keep one for indoor use only and make obstacles for it with the kids.  The batteries lasts an impressive amount of time.  We've driven it to our mailbox and back (1 mile) and it was still going strong. 

Mommy Review:  This is a fun family toy.  We've definitely gotten our $30 worth of use out of it.  We've traveled with it to one of Biker Boy's mountain bike races where there were a lot of rocks and it was a hit with all the kids.  Kids we didn't know were having a blast driving it.  (Sorry if there are parents being asked to go to Walmart now!)  It fell off a few drops of 6 feet and kept on running.  We don't advocate driving it off drops, it just happened.  On weeknights Biker Boy and the kids spend time together when he gets home from work.  The kids chase after the R/C truck and I get to make dinner without interruptions.  Yeah for Daddy Time!

Now family members.....don't be surprised if you end up with one of these!  Biker Boy loves them.  I think he'd gift you each with one for Christmas if I left all the shopping up to him.  He's trying to fit in another trip to Walmart sometime. 

One other thing....we use rechargeable batteries in the Rock Crawler.  And you're just going to have to wait on pins and needles for Biker Boy's next review request.  An R/C helicopter.  He's got a good one for you.  Biker Boy even suggested I start a blog about cheap R/C stuff.  Not him. Me.  Nope.  Not going to happen.  This is as good as it gets.  I've start a new label of "Biker Boy Says."  Love ya sweetie!

By the way....I was not at all compensated in any way for this glowing review.  We purchased the Rock Crawler on our own and we're so smitten with it that I had to share the love.  Maisto hasn't the slightest idea who I am or that I even wrote this post.  We just like to share things we like.  As I was perusing the Maisto website while preparing this post, I saw that they are offering a giveaway for a Rock Crawler and other prizes.  Head to their website to check it out.

Video in the Garage

Video Out and About on Rocks

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  1. Good on you, these things are absolute fun for the whole family!


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