Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple Fall Decor

I love to look at holiday decor.  I love to look at the beautiful holiday displays that others put up in their homes.  I may be slightly envious.  Just a wee bit.  White ceramic pumpkins, candle sticks, twig pumpkins, and other pretty things are fun to look at.  Decorate away if you can.  I'll look.  And try not to drool.  Or eat the candy corn. 

My holiday decor is simple, minimal, kid-friendly, and cheap.

Since we moved into this house 3 years ago, we've established some ground rules for storage and decor:

1) We will not buy any decor related items that have to be stored for a long time.
2)  It has to be kid-friendly, otherwise it doesn't get put out.
3)  Simple.  Minimal.  (This is a hard one at Christmas.)
4)  No stressing about it.  (That's for me.  Not Biker Boy.)
5)  We're not against storing things that others give to us, it's just got to fit.

So let's preview the minimal fall decor the kids helped me with one afternoon.

This is our pretty little coffee table display below.  It has some gourds from Walmart and corn from the grocery store.  Plus my pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  There's a cake stand from Biker Boy's grandma and it's covered in cheese cloth.  Since I've been working on a few projects, I discovered I had some extra cheese cloth in my refinishing box.  Fun stuff!  The ceramic pumpkin is the one fall decor item I store.  I got it from my mom.  I like it.  The kids play with the corn and grouds, so as I write this....the whole arrangement looks different now. 

Moving on.....this is on a little table flanking our french doors.  It's another little stand from Biker Boy's grandma that is covered in cheese cloth.  One more corn and a white pumpkin.  Each child gets to pick out a mini pumpkin every year.  It's a tradition.  This one would be Scooter's.  Chewy kept her pumpkin in her room.

On the dining table we have some flowers that Biker Boy picked up for me.  He got them because they were lovely fall colors.  I wrapped them in cheese cloth.  Two more gourds are next to the flowers.  It was a bag of 5 gourds.  The kids love to play with them!  And yes, everything is on the side of the table and not in the middle.  I can't see my daughter on the other side of the table through the flowers, so they sit off to the side.

The bench next to our picture window has Chewy's pumpkin.  There's also a cheese cloth wrapped plant.  Scooter put 2 of his insect rings that he got at school in the cloth.  Smart kid. 

And...you can tell from the picture below that I don't style things.  I like to keep it real and save 2 minutes.  Crooked shoe boxes, dog toys, and all.  Scooter's pumpkin is residing on the shoe bench that we built

Most of the items will go in the compost....after seed extraction. We'll attempt to grow things again next year. We grew 2 pumpkins this year from the seeds we saved last year. One was squishy (in the picture with my bats) and the other bit the dust in our huge hail storm (the picture was from before).

And that's it.  I've got one more fun fall decor item that I still have to do and set out on Halloween.  Maybe I'll get around to showing it to you and maybe not.  And we may attempt carving the pumpkins this year.  Usually we keep them inside until Thanksgiving!  We shall see. 

What's your fall decor like?  Do you go all out, somewhat simple, or not at all?  Tips for those of us with minimal storage?  Do you have to refrain from the holiday clearance aisles too or do you indulge in all things holiday decor?  Enjoy whatever you do!

Bonus points if you spotted: a dog, my reflection, how many remotes we have, and something from IKEA. 

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