Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

They're never flashy or big. We don't deck them out.

Sometimes they're barely bigger than the kids.

But they're green and they live on. As long as Mother Nature lets them. Or as long as we don't kill them.

Real Christmas trees aren't some people's cup of tea tree.

This is our 4th year of getting a potted pine tree for Christmas that we plant in the spring. One of these days I'll walk out and take some pictures of our 3 other trees planted in the yard. We have 2 Austrian Pines and 1 Baby Blue Spruce.

This year.....this year we found the one tree we've been desiring. A Ponderosa Pine. It was a lucky find. Chewy and I were dropping off our Operation Christmas Child boxes waaaaaaaaay over on the other side of town. We rarely get over there. We were only about a mile or 2 from the local nursery where we picked up our blue grama grass this summer. We thought we'd see if they had any Christmas trees. Cause we weren't having any luck at the big box stores where we usually get our trees. Lo and behold....they had 4 Ponderosas and after a quick excited call to Biker Boy, I brought one of those hefty things home. I have no idea how I unloaded it out of the van. But that's all I did. I left it in the driveway. Biker Boy about gave himself a third hernia moving that thing. It's heavy. I think someone watered it heavily before I bought it.

And here it is.....not yet potted in our pot for the winter......and not yet in the house.
Christmas Tree 2010.

Thank goodness there's a 1 year guarantee. I hope it lives. We love our huge Ponderosa that came with our yard. I hope this one gets to be that tall too. And the fact that they have some lovely pine cones....that's just an added benefit. Like eating donuts and bacon at the same time.

I hope that this is one Christmas tradition our kids will remember. It'll be nice to walk through the yard and remember Christmas pasts with our trees as a visual reminder. Sentimental, no? Or nice to remember the year we almost killed the Baby Blue Spruce because we put it outside too early while still in the pot and it froze. Or the year we over watered the first Austrian pine in the house and had dirty water everywhere. Good times.

What do you do for a Christmas tree? Any fun traditions that you have? Memories of past Christmas trees? Squirrels in the tree? Trees up in flames? You know....that kind of thing. Or maybe that was a movie.

Anyway.....thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday if you're in the states. And remember to smile today!

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