Thursday, November 18, 2010


Done. With one.

Three more to go.

This thing took longer to finish than most tabloid marriages last. That's a lot of nap times and night times.

Remember my bar stool experiment?

Call it a success. Or a work in progress. Three more are waiting in the wings to be finished. My "wings" would be the garage. And we still park both vehicles in it. It's a wee bit crowded in there.

And happy dance time! I've got my "experimental" bar stool finished. Finally.

You don't want to know how many nap times and night times this took me. But I enjoyed it. I love getting to a finished product. Even if I have to do those time consuming prep steps that I dislike. I just get too anxious to paint! It's like setting out the Christmas presents a week early and telling the kids you can't open them. Hmm...come to think of parents did that once. I just want to get the sanding and prep over with and get to the part that looks good. But it ends up not looking good if you skip the necessary evil stuff. Bah.

So after hours of wood filling, sanding, priming, sanding, priming, caulking, sanding, painting, and more painting....I've got a finished bar stool. About an hour for each of those steps. I'm not kidding. No wonder a $15 bar stool can sell for $125. I could seriously use a spray painter thing for our air compressor. A girl can dream while wielding her paint brush. It's good quality "me time."
I'll regal you later on my color choosing. Basically, I'm not good at it. I know what I want....but I just can't seem to get there. I knew I wanted a slight gray color for this stool, similar to my oops painted plant tables. I stood in front of the paint chip display with Chewy for who knows how long! Chewy had paint chip colors out everywhere. Mostly in pink and purple with one hot green color thrown in. That would have been her choice. After agonizing over about 100 gray colors, I narrowed it to two. And I let Chewy choose. And yes....I did go with the color she chose. Because really, how many times have you asked a child what they want to only ask them after they choose, "Are you really sure?" Probably because you want them to choose the other selection. She chose and I said, "Great." And thanks mom....I got some paint with my birthday money! And new paint brushes. I love using new paint brushes!

Valspar Paint. Polar Star. The paint chip looks like a light blue-gray. On the website it looks like a beige. Don't ask me why....cause I'm asking "Why?" On the stool it looks, looks white. But you can kind of tell it's gray. It's growing on me. Someday I might make fun patterned cushions for the stools. Some Day. Cause every tush needs some cush. Even the ones with their own built in cush.

And remember....if you visit me....I'm not responsible for any damage that may occur to you or your belongings as you sit on these stools. They are sturdy. But they are very high stools. High as in you need a step stool to get on them. I don't recommend doing a happy dance in the chair or trying out any bootie shaking you learned watching "Dancing with the Stars" while you are sitting in that stool. I haven't yet had time to post a disclaimer on the stools, "Sit At Your Own Risk." And yes...I did try a little bootie shaking and didn't fall or tip the chair. I'm not trying to scare you....Biker Boy was a stickler for getting these things at perfect right angles and not having them torqued. They're just really, really, really, really high. You're 33.75 inches off the ground high. You're feet are nowhere near the ground, though I have put in a perfect foot rest.....if you ask me. Perfect for me. I designed the stool, so of course...I designed it around me. Cause I live here. More than anyone else. My family included. They all leave me at some point...Chewy just to nap. So I'll probably be doing the majority of the stool sitting....or admiring.
What are you admiring lately in your home? Your pet lounging, fun Thanksgiving decor, a new chair, that smiley baby, something shiny? What's caught your eye?

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  1. Chrissy - great solution for a furniture need. I noticed your old school desk in the background, I recently refinished one myself and the kids love it! Love all your woodworking projects - keep posting. Jaime


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