Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy DIY Hair Barrettes

Hello everyone!  You ready for some more DIY easy gifts?  These ones would be for girls.  Pretty little hair barrettes.  This is what my little Chewy will be getting for her homemade Christmas gift this year.  I try to always make something for my kids for Christmas.  Just a silly little tradition.

Now I'm not the expert at bows.  I'd like to make bows, but I haven't found the time yet.  Or made the time yet.  Or something to that sort.  You can find awesome directions for many styles of hair bows at Girly Things.  I'm here to show you the crafty hack way to make some pretty barrettes that don't have a bow.

  • Ribbon
  • Hair Barrettes
  • Scrapbooking Supplies
  • Hot Glue
  • Lighter

I bought most of my materials at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  So my barrettes only cost a few coins each.  Gotta love that! 

What to do:

1) Design your thing to go on the barrette.  I'll call that your embellishment.  I can be super technical.  I used scrapbooking flowers and hot glued some together to get a layered flower.  Super easy.  Super pretty.  Just Super Duper. 

2) Cut a length of ribbon to wrap on the underside of the barrette, around the top, and over the pinchers.  (I don't know the technical terms for a barrette.)  The ends of the ribbons could fray so I quickly heat the ends.  I just quickly run the end of the ribbon through a lighter and it sears the ends.  I used polyester ribbon.  Please be careful around fire.  Don't burn your fingers or start a fire.  There's my disclaimer.  I'm not responsible if you burn yourself.  So please don't. 

3) Hot glue the ribbon to the underside of the hair barrette.

4) Hot glue it to the top.

5) Hot glue around the handle.  The ribbon helps the barrette from sliding out of the hair. 

6) Hot glue on your embellishment. 

7) Tah-dah.  You're Done! 

Now how easy was that?  Just don't burn yourself with the lighter or hot glue gun.  Please.

Any other easy hair barrette ideas?  Easy gifts that cost coins?  I'm always looking for ideas!  And I know you all are a talented bunch out there!

You can find other easy birthday gifts for boys and girls by searching "birthday" in my search bar.  There's no-sew tutus, crowns, gifts for boys, and more.  All thrifty and fun! 

And today is your last chance to enter the Gain giveaway.  Check out the "current giveaway" in my sidebar to the right to get there.

Thanks for dropping by!  Enjoy your day!

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