Monday, November 8, 2010

Got Moles?

Do you have moles?

I have moles.

They're wrecking my elevated rock ledge.  The hail already wrecked the plants, but those pesky moles are wrecking everything else.  And I worked hard to make that rock ledge.  Pesky moles.  Plus, they're in my backyard too.  Probably tunneling under my house and compromising my foundation.  Pesky little varmints. 

So how do you get rid of moles?

Options for getting rid of moles:
A) Flood them out
B) Poison
C) Live trap
D) Death trap
E) Humane scare tactics
F) Whack-a-Mole
G) Pitch Fork
H) Repellent
I) Vermin Hunter

What option you use is totally up to you and your level of comfort.  Plus, this is not a comprehensive list.  I think I forgot to add BB guns....or maybe that falls under Whack-a-Mole.  Option F can cover a lot of things.  Shovels, 2x4's, those whammer things you use to play Whack-a-Mole at Chuck E. Cheese's, and whatever you come up with.

Option A is not for those who are trying to conserve water.  Perhaps you noticed our water barrels.  We didn't try that option.  Option B is not so useful when you have 2 little kids and a dog.  And bobcats, coyotes, bunnies, and other critters running around. 

Option C (live trap) is okay, but the mole could come back.  Plus I've read that this in not the ideal way to get rid of a mole.

Option D (death trap) is ideal.  But yucky. I resort to killing things last.  Except for spiders and other creepy things in my home.  I'll kill them or rather let Biker Boy do it.  I remember mole death traps in my grandparent's yard when I was little.  Oh....nothing like memories of whacking moles.

Option G (pitch fork) requires patience.  Standing in your yard with a pitchfork and watching for a mole is for those with lots of time and patience.  I don't have either.  At least for a mole.  And not for many other things either.  I've heard of this pitch fork thing being done and even remembering witnessing it as a child.  It might make the neighbors talk or worry.

Option H (repellent) is another thing you could try.  I suppose they must sell repellent somewhere.  Or you could make it.  We didn't try this either.  Moles eat grubs and earthworms.  I don't want the grubs, but I do cherish the earthworms.  We didn't have them in our ground when we first moved here and I happy dance every time I happen to dig one up.  Don't mess with my earthworms!

By process of elimination, you can probably narrow down that we used Options E and I to eliminate our mole. 

Option E is the humane scare tactic.  Humane doesn't necessarily mean good.  I like to give good reviews here, but frankly I don't have one yet for the thing we tried.  I'll show a picture, but I won't name it.  We've used it for 2 weeks according to the directions and well, the mole lived on.  And tunneled next to our chattering mole mover.  We tried two of these "eco-friendly" things.  (How can it be eco-friendly when it uses batteries?)  We put one in the rock wall and one in the backyard.  Biker Boy even broke a broom handle trying to get that thing into our rock hard dirt in the backyard. 

Maybe we just didn't give those chattering sticks a long enough try. 
Option F is the vermin hunter.  That would be a terrier or some other thing that is bred to hunt vermin.  And what luck, my dog is a terrier.  The $40 we paid for him at the shelter has paid off!  He killed his first mole the other day.  Dug it up, shook it up, and Biker Boy gave it a proper burial.  Bye-bye mole!  We did get left with a huge hole in the yard.  That dog is a digger, he is!  But oh well, the mole is gone.  And the dog had the best day of his life.

And oh no.....where there's one mole.....there's another.  It seems we still have one on the loose.  The chattering sticks are still in the ground and I've got to release the vermin hunter again. 

Got Moles?  What do you do to get rid of them?  Or what did you do?  Lessons, tips, and tricks are all accepted and much appreciated!

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