Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Ektorp Review: Tullsta Chair

Hello Everyone!  I'm back with another IKEA review.  Because the majority of the emails I get are asking me about my Ektorp furniture.  And out of my top 5 posts, 3 of them are about IKEA.  Go figure.  People love IKEA and want to know about the Ektorp line.  And I aim to please.  So whether you're here for the review, you're a regular peep, or you're a casual observer - THANKS for stopping by.  You make me smile!  Yes, I'm cheesy like that.

On with the review.  Or the blabbering on.

This time around I'll be telling you about my Tullsta chairs, because I haven't shared about them much before.  You can find my review about the Ektorp line here and my review about washing the slipcovers here.  Just in case you were interested.  Or just because you love IKEA too.  Find comments from my visitors about the Ektorp line here.

In addition to the Ektorp sofa and love seat, we also bought 2 Tullsta chairs in January 2010.  And I still love them all!  Even more now, if that's possible.  We went with the Tullstas over the regular Ektorp chairs because 1) They're smaller and 2) They're cheaper.  Plus we just liked how they looked.  That's how we roll around here.

These chairs don't see as much use as the couches because they're not in our primary seating area.  We put one in our entry next to the bookcase.  The kids sit in it to look at books and guests sit in it to take off and put on their shoes.  I sat in it once to read a book for my continuing education credits .  Besides kids' books, that's the only reading I get to do.  But that's not fun reading.

The other chair went next to our patio doors, quite near our dining room table in our open concept house.  I just recently moved it here and it gets quite a bit of action.  It's a great place to sit and watch the kids play or observe what's going on in the whole house. 

The Tullsta chairs are not as "squishy" as the couches.  The couches are firm, but have a tiny amount of give that cradles you.  I like firm with a tiny amount of squish.  These chairs are more firm than the couch, but not in a bad way.  They also have a lower backrest than the couch.  So basically, they're comfortable chairs, but you're not going to stretch out and lounge in them.  Though the kids are small enough to do it and I'm small enough to almost curl up in the chair.  If you're on the petite side you'll be able to pull your legs up, but otherwise you're just going to sit in them.  They are comfortable enough to sit in during a movie.  We just recently pulled the Tullsta chairs into our main seating area for a screening of "The Sword and the Stone" during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Biker Boy and I enjoyed sitting in them.  For reference on sizes, I'm 5'5" and Biker Boy is 6'.  Biker Boy likes the chairs and thinks they're comfortable.  It's not just me who thinks that.

Yes, you can fit a mommy, a dog, and a child in the chair.  Here's the proof.  Scooter took a picture of Chewy, Ranger, and I in the chair after I got home from a run.  Comfy.  Truly comfy.    
So in short, we like the chairs.  We're happy with the chairs.  And we love slipcovers.  I'd love to hear from you about your opinions on the Ektorp series.  Or what you think about any other brand of couch that is family and pet friendly.  It seems there are lots of people interested in couch and chair reviews.  And I'll hope you join me later on this month.  I'll have some simple holiday posts, a slime post, and a few other things up my sleeves if I get the time.  Mommy stuff comes first.  Enjoy!  And thank you again for stopping by.

Psst....I'm not paid, perked, or compensated in any way for posting these reviews.  This is all on my own as a happy Ektorp purchaser. 


  1. Love that you've got another Ikea review today. Very sweet picture of you, kid, dog!

  2. I'm glad you wrote this review/blog. I'm thinking of buying the chair (leather). Thanks!

  3. Hi, I am glad I found your review because I plan on buying the Tullsta chairs, without seatcovers. So my question, when I checked there are no instructions on assembling the chairs only the seatcovers on the chairs. Is that weird or what!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can't remember if our chairs came with assembly instructions. IKEA has the silliest instructions anyways with the little drawings. I think we only had to screw legs on these chairs. They'll look really nice without the slipcovers. I'm tempted to leave mine like that sometimes until someone gets dirt on my slipcovers! Enjoy your new furniture!

    2. Hi! I stopped by while Googling reviews for the Tullsta slipcover. I still haven't found my answer, but maybe you can help. I'm wondering how opaque the slipcover is? I have a chair that is essentially identical the Tullsta, but it has this crazy gray/red/black/ivory print that was super-cool a few years ago, but I'm not loving it anymore. I was thinking of putting a Tullsta slipcover on it instead of having it reupholstered (or getting rid of it altogether - it's a great chair!). But of course wondering if this awesome geometric print would show through the slipcover? Thanks for any help you can give!

    3. Hi Amy,
      The slipcover for the tullsta is exactly like the slipcovers for the Ektorp line. They are a heavy cloth (almost canvas/denim or duck cloth like). I tried putting a black and ivory checked blanket under my Tullsta cover and I couldn't see the pattern. I could slightly tell that there was something darker under the white, but it wasn't very noticeable and I couldn't see the pattern. A tullsta slipcover is a cheap and easy way to start. If you decide you don't like it down the line, you could always get the chair recovered and you're not out too much money.

  4. That's exactly what I was wondering. Thanks so much!

  5. i have a quick question for you. I would love to purchase the white EKTORP sofa but the whites are listed under different names. Do you believe they will be a good enough match. Im just afiad they will be off a bit

    1. Hi, When I purchased my Tullsta and Ektorp sofas, the colors were both offered in Blekinge white, so they match. I see Ektorp is now offering a white sofa cover under a different name, so I can't tell you for sure if it matches the Blekinge white of the Tullsta. Perhaps you can call IKEA customer service and ask them or have them send you a fabric swatch. Good luck!


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