Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating the Tree 2010

Welcome!  And thanks for joining me in how we decorated our tree for Christmas 2010.  We are a family who doesn't get a "typical" Christmas tree.  And we have limited storage space for Christmas things, so it's minimal here.  (Count your lucky stars if you have a basement!)  Care to see how we decorated the tree this year?

1) Buy a live potted tree.  Lots of jumping and high-fiving around here because we were able to find a Ponderosa.  You can see it in all its unadorned look in this post.  And if you ask Chewy if she has a Christmas tree up, she'll tell you, "We have a Ponderosa."  Yep.  

2) Let the kids decorate with ribbon and more ribbon.  Ribbon doesn't take a whole lot of storage space.  And were you aware that there is a dress code for decorating the tree?  Camouflage for the boy and a tutu dress for the girl.  That's why Biker Boy and I couldn't help decorate. 

3) Refrain from telling the kids what to do.  I only helped them when they asked for help putting things up high.  A cup of tea and a chewy Christmas caramel helped me keep my mouth shut.  And I promise...I have not touched or moved any of the ornaments.  Although the dog has licked one. 

4) Make a mess some ornaments.  We can give these ornaments away or recycle the parts, cause we aren't storing them.  Chewy made an angel (directions in this post) and we made applesauce ornaments (post coming soon). 

5) Enjoy.  It's like our own little Charlie Brown tree.  And we love it. It's not for everyone, but it's just right for us. 

6) Plant tree in spring.  It's the tree that keeps on giving. 

I've joined the Christmas Tree Party over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  Your eyes will light up at all the gorgeous trees over there!  Check it out!

And what's your favorite Christmas tree memory?  I remember going out to cut our tree with my family when I was young.  Really young.

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