Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrapping It Up

I love to wrap gifts!  Love.  It. 

But I made a vow a few years back that I wouldn't buy wrapping paper.  Even if it smiles and winks at me from the clearance section after Christmas.  Even if it oozes of shiny sparkly prettiness.  I will not buy it.  I have to tell that to myself over and over as I walk away.  Just walk away.

So I am one of those crazy people who keeps practically every gift bag and piece of ribbon.  I'm the nutty lady who smooths out the tissue paper and packs it away into a container under her bed.  And I'm proud of it!  I've even been known to package things in empty cereal boxes, which I then wrapped. 

So I can honestly claim that I haven't bought wrapping paper in a good number of years.  And I even help Santa around these parts. 

Here's a few gifts I wrapped this year.  In a thrifty manner.  I didn't buy anything for the purpose of wrapping and just used things around my house.  What can you use?

Paper Napkins & Foil
Even kids can wrap with aluminum foil.  Mine did.  And you can even recycle it.  I just also happened to have a few cute napkins laying around and put those to use as wrapping material.  Maybe I should have kept of my kids is very messy at the dinner table. 

Cloth Napkins
I had one laying around that was never used.  Pinkie was never used.  It came packaged with a table cloth I got years ago.  It made great wrapping for an odd shaped gift.

Paper Bags
Lunch bags.  Grocery bags cut to pieces.  It's all good.  I left mine plain, but I have had the kids decorate some in the past for wrapping gifts.

Everyone knows this one.  I remember my dad wrapping things in the comics when I was young.  I did it.  See.  I even added a pretty ribbon, that I saved from a gift my daughter received. 

Packing Paper
This stuff is awesome.  It came in a package I had shipped to my house.  The kids color on it, draw on it, and paint on it.  Then I wrap with it. 

Construction Paper
I have oodles of this stuff in my house covered with oodles of things.  Stickers, paintings, drawings, and random things.  It's even better when the kids attempt to wrap things themselves.  Those of you getting gifts with the oodles of tape....the kids did it. 

Regift the Gift Bag
Yep, I do this.  It just makes good economical sense.  And it doesn't send a poor gift bag to the trash.  Sorry if I end up giving you back your gift bag.  It's all out of love.  Packaged love. are you wrapping this year....if you're wrapping at all? 

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