Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm still here.  In case you were wondering. Though sometimes I don't know where I am.  I seem to be busy with home and kids and life.  Yet at the end of the day I wonder what I accomplished.  Uff dah. 

I don't do New Years Resolutions.  Yet with the coming of the New Year, I have made a decision.  Something I'm going to try.  Unplugging.  A little more than usual.  And plugging in to unplugged things a little more.  Less computer, more of a three-year-old painting my toes and toenails Cinderella Blue.  Less blogging, more fun household activities.  Less Facebook, more music and reading with my six-year-old.

I was never on the computer much before while my children were awake, but I'm going to cut back even more.  There's so many things I want to do.  Yet I'm coming to grips and learning it needs to be less about me.  And even when I do take my "me" time....there's a ton I want to do.  I've got 3 bar stools hollering for some paint.  An entertainment and desk unit I'm itching to design.  Make some more yummy bagels.  Reach out and help other mommies.  And above there for my kids and husband.  Make memories.  Smoothie Wednesdays and Hot Chocolate Fridays.  Skiing and Snowshoeing.  Hiking and Biking.  My munchkins will only be young once (and only free at the ski hill for so long!).  And Biker Boy is my all.  He's the love of my life and I love growing old with him.  I love having someone who knows me through and through and yet loves me all the same.  And finds me irresistible, even when we don't hide things from each other. 

So here's the dealio.....I'm only going to blog once a week.  And I'm only checking my personal Facebook page on Fridays.  Or I'll blog twice and not look at Facebook.  Or I'll do nothing at all.  So family and friends....Facebook Fridays.  I'll still be checking my blog email and personal email daily. Once.  Maybe twice.  And my lovely followers....thank you a million times over.  Hopefully my future posts will be more quality, less quantity.  Or something like that.  I'm sure my fluff and stuff will still make it in here.  I seem to have too many words that escape from my fingertips. 

So thank you for embarking with me on a new deal.  A new thang.  And I hope your New Year is full of promise, hope, and good stuff.  And that you find the faith to get through the not-so-good stuff if it pops up. 

So....what's your new deal for the year?  Are resolutions your thing or not? Trying something new for the year?  I'd still love to hear from you even if I'm not popping in on my blog much.  Email address is in the sidebar.  And thanks again for stopping by!  You make me smile!  (Especially when my little strong-willed child isn't!  And now I'm going to go play "kitchen" with her!)

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