Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simply Silhouette

Chewy's napping.  Scooter's still at school.  Taxes are organized.  Ready....Set....Go.

My blog for the week has to do with kids and home.  Both things I love.

For Scooter's preschool graduation his teacher did silhouettes of the kids.  So cute. Totally adorable.  Especially since my Scooter has messy hair.  I do comb it.  Every morning.  Then it sticks straight out again after 1 minute.....no matter how short it is. 

To perk up our guest/exercise/former office that I'm slowly decorating, I decided to do some silhouettes of my two adorable munchkins.  Cause the grandparents stay in that room and I bet they'd like to look at the smashingly adorable silhouettes of their precious grandchildren.  Mostly precious grandchildren. 

Yes, I've become quite aware that silhouettes are all the rage all over blogland.  I'm always late to get on the bandwagon.  And I'm not jumping on it because everyone else is on it.  I just like the idea of silhouettes at the moment.  Okay?  Okay. 

So I did the quick and easy version.  It's not too dirty.  So simple.  Even a kindergartner could do it.  I'm not kidding. 

I could have done these in my Photoshop Elements, but I did the basic cut and paste scheme. 

How to Make Easy DIY Silhouettes

1) Take a picture of the profile of your subjects.  It doesn't have to be pretty.  Don't worry about lights and all that fancy camera stuff.  I don't have a fancy camera and these weren't that great of pictures.  Bribe the kids if you have to.  I'm totally for bribing to get pictures. 

2) Print out the picture.  I printed out an 8x10 size with black ink only. 

3) Cut out the profile of your subject.

4) Trace it on whatever color card stock or paper you want.  Cut again. 

5) Mount however you want.  I "borrowed" some frames from Scooter's room, he hasn't even noticed they're missing yet.  I got out my glue stick and glued the profiles to some white computer paper and then hung the frames.  Super easy. 

I just love them!  I find myself smiling anytime I happen to catch a glance of my kiddo's silhouettes.  I love Scooter's hair sticking up.  It's so him.  The silhouette doesn't quite capture Chewy's scrumptious cheeks, but I still love it. 

My former office and now guest/exercise room is progressing.  I wasn't going to move the treadmill to take "staged" pictures.  That thing gets used a lot in the winter and only moves out when guests arrive. 

See what the room looked like not too long ago....in September 2010.

It was even worse.  You can see a glimpse here.  It's a work in progress.  People live here.  We're not always neat.  Right now there are dog toys laying all over the floor since the dog has claimed it as his space.  Probably because there's carpet in it.  It's hard to chase toys on tile floor.  I've tried.  Poor dog. 

And I'm working on some other silhouettes.  I've been inspired by Nella Designs.  But that's for another time.  Here's a sneak peek. 

What are you working on?  Any quick and dirty easy projects?  Are you on the silhouette bandwagon too?  Or jumping off of it?

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