Friday, February 25, 2011

More Wooden Signs

Between sick kids, regular stuff, and a whole bunch of other things....I've been up to my ears in wood.  We're building a loft bed for Scooter, I'm making wooden picture ledges for our guest room, and I made use of some scrap wood.  I must have a thing for wooden signs because I made more this week.

Wooden Ski Signs

Scooter's getting his room redone.  As I mentioned we're building him a loft bed.  Plus I want to paint the room.  Taking off some of those Thomas the Train wall clings has ripped off some paint.  (I was informed that Thomas the Train is only for babies.  *tear*)  I haven't told Biker Boy yet that I want to paint.  We decide on things together and he's a pretty smart guy, so I want his opinion on painting.  But we have lived here 3 and a half years and I have yet to paint any bedrooms.  And back to the signs.....Scooter loves to ski.  Loves It!  Plus he loves to look at trail maps of ski areas.  So I thought I would make some personalized signs of the places he's skied and his favorite runs.  Eventually I'm sure he'll love the blue squares and black diamonds more, so I'll have to change the signs.  But for now the kid loves to zoom down the green circles.  Me too.  I've finished the two signs above and I still have 2 more to make.  We're going to eventually hang them above the closets.  Eventually.  I was lucky enough to find that Rust-Oleum makes spray paint in the exact same colors that I painted Biker Boy's old dresser and desk over 7 years ago.  I made these signs the exact same way I made these ones (you'll find the directions by clicking on the link). 

No Whining Wooden Sign

No whining is a favorite saying around here.  It applies to the kids.  Well,  I guess it applies to all of us.  But it's a favorite of Chewy.  She was super excited to paint a board white for the "No Whining Sign."  Then I printed out the words, taped them to the board, cut through them with my trusty utility knife and then filled in the cut-out with gray paint while she napped.  Super easy.  Kind of.  I won't whine about it.

Stick Hangy Thing

I have no idea what to call this thing in our entry below the niche.  Just before Christmas I searched the yard for the perfect sized stick.  Then I put 2 nails in the wall, tied string around the stick and nails, and hung our Christmas stockings on curtain clips.  Eventually the Christmas stockings came down.  But this neat little stick thingy has been a great place to rotate children's art.  Not really a wooden art sign, but still art on a wooden thing.  Oh, and you can see another wooden sign in the above picture that I made using the same technique I used to make Scooter's Ski Signs.  Stick with what you know, I guess.  Stick!  Ha!

Yep, I tend to make a lot of things that go up on our wall here.  Find other cheap and easy wall art here.

What have you been up to this week?  Have a great weekend!

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