Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm a former teacher who keeps up her license.  I've got family members that are current and former teachers.  I've got a kid in kindergarten.  And I've got lots of books and media stuff.  I just went through a bunch of it yesterday and piled it up with my ever growing pile of donation stuff.  It's still sitting on my bedroom floor.  Still.

What do you do with your stuff?  Perhaps you've heard of

Well, they now have Swap4Schools.  This is definitely a great thing for budget short schools!

"As educators face a scarcity of supplies for their classrooms and school libraries as a result of dramatic budget cuts in recent years, Swap4Schools aims to assist them in procuring much needed supplies - for free."

"To enlist in the program, school administrators, teachers, and librarians at U.S. public schools, grades K-12, can create a free account and build a list of books and other media items needed for their classroom. Then, any of’s 1 million members who own those items will have the opportunity to donate them to a school in need. will waive transaction fees for members who choose to make a donation, so the only cost is shipping!"

"The program empowers moms who are eager to help with easy online access to a list of items their child’s school needs. Within the program’s first week of operation, educators have signed up across 40 states and received over 1,000 donations!"

You can find out more about Swap4Schools in this press release at Business Wire.

I know that teachers spend a lot of their own money on their classrooms.  There are lots of different ways to help out schools and teachers and Swap4Schools is another great way to help out.  I've previously listed ways you can help raise money for schools in this post

Have you tried out Swap4Schools in any way? 

psst...I'm not paid or perked to write this post.  I just like it and want to help spread the news.

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