Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baking A Princess

Twice a year I bake a cake.  No, wait.  Twice a year I decorate cakes.  Sometimes I just bake them and I don't decorate them. 

Yes, I could just go out and buy a decorated cake.  But it's become a tradition to make my kiddos cakes on their birthdays.  I try to accommodate their wishes.  Sometimes it's a challenge, but it's always fun. 

My mom was with us for Chewy's fourth birthday and for Scooter's sixth birthday, so she was able to help me with both cakes!  Yay for Moms!

Chewy requested a princess cake.  She asked for a castle first, but I did one of those last year.  So I told her it would be a princess surprise.  She requested purple and pink.  I could have guessed that. 

Inspired by a picture of a cake my cousin baked for her daughter (awesome cake cousin!), I set about to make a princess cake.  The kind with the doll stuck in it.  Like a Barbie cake, but with a Disney Princess this time.  I got an Ariel ballerina doll at a wonderfully low price to put in the cake.  Chewy picked Ariel. 

Chewy's birthday was on a Monday, I decided Saturday would be a good time to start baking.  Just in case I needed to do something over.  So Saturday night my mom and I put a box of cake into a Kitchen Aid Mixer Stainless Steel bowl.  Cause it was shaped like a ball gown skirt.  Perfectly shaped.  (Sorry, I didn't take pictures.)  My mom wrapped the bowl in a damp towel, we set the base of the bowl in a cake pan, shoved it in the oven, and checked it a million times.  That sucker took forever to cook, but mom told me it would.  The middle did sink a little, but you know what....that's just where Ariel was going to reside, so it didn't matter. 

The cake wasn't tall enough to hold Ariel.  So after church on Sunday we baked a box of cake in a regular round cake pan.  I put the whole box in cause it was a tall cake pan.  Did the whole wrap in a damp cloth thing again so the outside wouldn't cook too fast.  Worked great.  Word of advice: grease your pans well so the cakes come out nice.  My mom greased my pans, we let the cakes cool at least 15 minutes, and they dumped out great.  Unlike Scooter's cake....his poor cake needed lots of repair.  That's his dinosaur cake below.  I wish I had taken a better picture of the cake.  Oh well, it tasted good!

I put the mixer bowl cake on top of the regular cake and trimmed a little excess cake off of the round cake.  I didn't have a problem finding helpers to eat the scraps.  I spent Sunday evening decorating the cake.  That was the fun part.  I actually enjoyed it.  I wrapped Ariel's legs in plastic wrap before shoving her in the cake.  I didn't have much of a plan going into the decorating, but I was happy with how Ariel's "dress" turned out.  I guess it didn't matter how it looked, cause we were just going to eat it!

I made Ariel a crown out of pipe cleaners with a "4" on it.  I also made her a paper flag attached to the pipe cleaner that said, "Happy Birthday Chewy."  And we did stick 4 candles in her for the singing part.  Scooter commented, "She's too pretty for me."  And Chewy didn't want to eat Ariel at first.  Then she realized that Ariel could come out and then she was all for eating the cake and getting the doll out. 

Hard to believe my youngest baby is four! 

Gotta love a girl who scoops dog doo in her tutu and hiking boots!  That's my Chewy!

How do you celebrate birthdays?  Have you ever attempted a Princess cake?


  1. What a fun post!

    Last year for Noah's birthday I decorated a cake to look like a pizza. It was a lot of fun.

    They grow up fast, don't they?

  2. I love your Ariel cake....so creative! It has become a tradition in our family to have a themed birthday cake. So far I have made a train cake, race car track cake, Elmo, Thomas the Train, Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales, and a caterpillar cake. Up next is a Toy Story cake..... :)

  3. Thank you for the ideas and tips...lets see how it turns out! Can't wait to try it.


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