Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I may or may not be crazy.  Or maybe just normal.  Who knows?

Here's a list of things about me:

1) I start too many projects at one time. 
Last week Scooter came home to his room in total chaos.  I had moved him to the guest/exercise room to sleep until the chaos is contained.  I wrecked his walls taking off Thomas the Train wall clings.  Well, actually the painters who painted our house when it was built wrecked the walls.  They didn't clean the walls after sanding and all the paint peeled off, some of it down to the drywall.  It's lots of work to repair.  Not to mention that we were also building Scooter a loft.  So I get the walls and ceiling and Biker Boy gets the loft.  Oh....and I also made baklava and peanut butter bon bons for my MOPS meeting.  And somehow I still manage to get in reading and playtime time with the kiddos.  And exercise.  And my mom comes to visit in less than a week and things are still in total chaos.  And Chewy's birthday is in less than 2 weeks.  And I haven't cleaned the days. As Biker Boy tells me, "When you go big, you go BIG."

2) I miss the obvious.
This is a well known fact by Biker Boy.  I know it too.  But it gives Biker Boy some great stories to tell at work.  I mean...what would he talk about if his wife didn't give him some good fodder.  Just like when I called him the other day,
Me: "The van won't start."
Biker Boy: "What's wrong?"
Me: "It won't start."
BB: " I know, but what's wrong?  Did you notice anything?"
Me: "Yeah, it won't start."
BB: "Is the battery dead?"
Me: "I don't know.  It just makes this noise over and over."
BB: "What noise?"
Me: " Well, you know how the van usually goes 'eh, eh, vroom' when it starts?  Well, it just keeps going 'eh, eh' over and over without the vroom."
BB: "So there's no vroom?"
Me: "Yeah, it's not vrooming."
BB: "Did you notice anything else?"
Me: "There's no vroom."
BB: "Were the lights dim or anything else?"
Me: "There's just no vroom."
BB:  "Uh huh, no vroom."
Me: "Maybe the van doesn't like being out in the cold.  We usually park it in the garage.  Maybe that's why there's no vroom." 
BB: "Okay."
Me: "Oh just started!  It's vrooming again!"
BB:  "Let it run five minutes.  Shut it off and see if it starts up again."
Me: "Okay. Thanks love.  Sorry to bother you."

3) I love to swim.
I. Love. It.  Really do.  It's the one thing I feel good at.  And I feel good doing it.  And I enjoy it. I swam competitively from age 9 to 21.  Met my husband on the college swim team.  Still have a few records waiting to be broken.  The smell of chlorine is comforting to me.  Between swimming on teams and working as a life guard/swim instructor, I have spent a majority of my life in a swimsuit.  And with hairy legs.  I only make the 20 minute drive to the pool about once a week now during the cold months.  I still love swimming.  And no, my kids are not fish and that's fine with me.   I run lots now, but I don't love running.     

4) I use to race my mountain bike.
I know, hard to believe.  I use to race quite a bit in local races in MN and did some races here in NM.  I did fairly well, considering there weren't many girls racing when I did it.  I also did one solo 12 hour race (while Scooter was a baby and I had to pump times!).  And I did three 24 hour races (1 solo and 2 on teams).  Crazy, no?  I competed in an uphill mountain bike race a year and half ago.  I would have won as I was the only female.  I got a DNF.  Meaning....DID NOT FINISH.  Cause I dislocated my shoulder getting my water bottle.  It was my second time dislocating it, the first time was getting off a chair lift while snowboarding.  I haven't been mountain biking since.

5) I have fear issues.
I don't like to go downhill.  I don't like to go fast.  Mostly because I'm scared of getting injured, because I've been injured before.  Which is why I wear all this stuff while snowboarding.  (Shoulder brace, padded shorts, and knee pads.  I also wear a helmet.)  But I do love snowboarding!  I just don't go fast.  Freaks me out.

6) I got married while in college.
I was 20.  Biker Boy was 24.  It was right after my junior year.  I didn't feel like I got married young then.  But now that I have kids....20 seems young.  But I wouldn't change a thing.  Did I mention we met on the swim team?

7) I dislike socks.
I'm usually barefoot at home or I'll only wear soft/fleecy socks.  I don't mind other socks if I have shoes on.  And I detest nylons.  Really, really detest them.  I went bare legged and footed at my wedding and wore sandals.  And I have a kid that loves to wear tights.  Go figure.

8) I don't like mushrooms.
Never have liked them.  I try them now and then.  I mean, they're fungus.  Yuck.  I think it's the texture I don't like.  Cause I'm not really fond of Jello either. And I have a kid that won't eat melted cheese.  I mean....a child that doesn't like pizza!? 

9)  I watch Dancing With The Stars.
Shhh, it's a secret.  I don't watch much TV.  The TV usually only comes on when I run on the treadmill.  But I do watch Dancing With The Stars.  I don't know why.  Sad, huh?  I think I harbor a secret dream to be a dancer.  Now if I was only flexible.  *sigh*

10)  Being married to Biker Boy is an adventure.  And I love it!
Before kids, Biker Boy and I use to have lots of adventures.  The kids love to hear about them.  Like the kayaking trip in Lake Superior where there was a small craft warning and 6 foot high waves.  We couldn't make it to the island we were scheduled to camp at and headed towards another one. My kayak capsized, Biker Boy rescued me and we were stranded on a rock all night beneath the island.  The kids like the part where I lost my water shoe and water bottle and ended up finding the water bottle washed ashore at the next island we camped at.  Scooter always asks where he was.  He doesn't quite understand that we had a life together before he was born.  We have tales of bears, hypothermia, rain, snow, biking mishaps, fog, numerous camping trips in storms, and some dead car stories.  Plus a few other adventures.  Fun times.  I ought to write a book about all the adventures.  Especially before I forget them all.  I'll pass it on to the kids.

Certifiably crazy?  Or just plain normal?  I'll take either.  What are you? I know we all have our likes, dislikes, fears, and quirks.  It just makes everything fun! 

I hope you'll join me next week when I'll be hosting a giveaway!  One of you will gain something!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awww... LOVE the Apple Valley on the swim cap!!

    I just registered my last guy for kindergarten next year at Greenleaf. So, we'll soon have even more shirts that proudly boast the name of our city. :)

    Fun post!!

  2. Hey Chrissy,

    I do love my Vitamix. We've had ours for seven years now (you may be able to see the older model number) and it runs like new. Yes, huge investment but significantly better than 4- $100 blenders put together. It amazing me how it still runs so well this many years later. And we're running that puppy at least twice a day - so it gets a good workout living here! Seriously if anything happened to my blender, I wouldn't hesitate running out and grabbing another.
    Costco does sell them at a good value but it's a much smaller container. But if you can hit a Costco on a day when there is a sales rep there, you can get the larger container instead for only $15 more. That's not how we got ours but a friend just did it that way last month. :)


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