Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chippy and Peeled

Meet Chippy and Peeled. 

I don't like them very much.  Actually I don't like them at all.  But I spent a lot of time with them.  That's chipping and peeling paint.  Ugh.

They caused me to spend 7 days straight in my little boy's room.  Seven Days. 

And thankfully not because Scooter was sick again.  I spent nap times and night times in Scooter's room.  Working with Chippy and Peeled.   And I had to move my boy to the extra room.  He didn't seem to mind.  It was like camping for him. 

And since we were building Scooter a loft, Biker Boy knew I'd have to go BIG and start another project.  So I got the walls and Biker Boy got the loft.  It was totally unintentional to start the walls. Maybe.  Taking those Thomas the Train wall clings off Scooter's walls left lots of work to be done.  They ripped off paint and in some places they ripped off paint all the way down to the drywall.  Not good.  That's how I met Chippy and Peeled.  And that's how we became NOT best friends. 

Can you see where the wall clings were?  Did you notice the paint sample chips?
A piece of advice:  Always wash the walls before you paint. Always! 

It's not good when you have barely 4 year old walls and painter's tape can ripe the paint right off of them.  That is not good.  Our walls have that uneven texture.  Basically they just mudded the walls with slap happiness, sanded, were suppose to wash/wipe down the walls and didn't, and then painted.  So Scooter's walls were full of chippy peeling paint.  That's Chippy and Peeled to me.

I'm afraid of what the rest of the house is like.  I know it's not good.  There will be no more things stuck to the walls.  And yes, I will be painting again in the future.  I love to paint.  I hate to prep.

So what do you do when you have loads of chipping and peeling paint? 

Good question.  That's what I asked and googled.  You can google it too.  There's a few options.  I'll tell you what I did. 

Here's my arsenal:

1) Chip off as much peeling paint as you can with a flat thing.  I guess that would be a putty knife in my case.  Or use painter's tape.  The kids even loved to help with this.  They slapped tape on the wall and ripped off paint.  That was until it just got to be too overwhelming and I researched my options.  See step #4 for what I found.

2) Wipe clean the areas that need to be filled.  Using your trowel/putty knife thing and some joint compound, slap some stuff in the bare areas (where everything was gone down to the drywall).  Read the directions.  I only needed to do one layer, thankfully.  When the compound was dry, I sanded. 

3) Clean.  Clean.  Clean.  I hate prep work, but I made sure that wall was free and clear. 

4) I used Zinsser's Peel Stop.  It's like applying a topcoat of nail polish. It's a clear coat that is suppose to seep into the peeling paint that you didn't get off.  Then it's suppose to keep it there.  I applied one coat and then selectively applied a second coat to the bad areas.  If you are going to get this product, I suggest you call the store you're going to.  We were at one of those big box stores and assumed they would have it. They didn't.  I called our local hardware store and they had it!  Who knew?  And no, I'm not paid or perked in anyway to promote Zinsser.  They have no idea who I am or that I used their product.  Just so ya know.

5)  Then I painted.  More on that later.  I also did the ceiling. 

So far I'm happy with the way the Peel Stop has worked.  I painted stripes on Scooter's wall and dared to put painter's tape up to do that.  Biker Boy was astonished I decided to do that.  Thankfully only a little bit of paint peeled off.  The Peel Stop worked.  More on the stripes later. 

I'm going to deal with Chippy and Peeled again at some point.  The extra/guest/exercise room is next on the list.  Or maybe my room.  Any suggestions on chipping and peeling paint?  Have you dealt with Chippy and Peeled?

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