Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY Easy Leg Warmers

This has been done before.  But much prettier than mine.  I bet you could do it even better.  I'm pretty sure you could do it prettier.

What am I talking about?

Making leg warmers for little girls out of knee high stockings.  We call them "knee boo-boo preventers."

So many benefits to knee warmers:  They warm the knees of dress wearing girls.  They help prevent major scraps on knees of dress wearing girls.  You don't have to pull down tights when going to the bathroom.  They can be used for arm warmers.  Or to prevent little ones from scratching their eczema ravaged arms (child-sized socks with the toes cut off work for that too).  They're just fun. 

Here's what you gotta do to make your own:

And it's in order:

1) Find knee high stockings.  I got mine at Target.  On clearance.  Cause I'm addicted to those little reddish/orange clearance stickers.

2) Cut off the foot part.  I'm totally for cutting socks.  Cause I don't like socks.

3)  Unearth the sewing machine and read manual to set it up.  Or just get a needle and thread.

4) Turn the sock inside out, fold over where you need to sew, and sew away.  I tried a zig-zag stitch on two pairs and a straight stitch on the other two pairs.  The zig-zag gives the leg warmers a ruffly look on the bottom.  You may or may not like the ruffles.  I'm undecided. 

5) Present to little girl and watch the glee just ooze out of her. 

6) Try to take a picture where she's being a little lady and not exposing her undies and making funny faces.  Promptly fail and crop photo in Photoshop.  Then notice that the little lady has one of the leg warmers on upside down.  *sigh*

Have you tried making leg warmers from socks?  Any hints?  Mine look a little sad, but at least they were cheap!  And Chewy doesn't seem to notice my poor sewing skills.

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  1. Too cute! I love 'em! I think I'll make a pair for myself! Very cute idea and I have never seen it before! Love it!


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