Monday, March 7, 2011

Hula Hooping

I've got another tip for skiing with young children. 

We've been getting lots of comments and compliments on it.

But I can't claim the idea as my own.  I read about it in Ski Magazine.  (Sorry, I don't remember what issue, but it was sometime last year.)

It's a Hula Hoop.  Yep, a hula hoop.
Yes, there is a child under all that gear.  I think.
Works wonders.  We (and in "we"...I mean Biker Boy mostly) have been using it with three-year-old Chewy all ski season. 

Put the hula hoop around the kid, hold on to the end and ski down the hill.  Just be careful to not run over the child if they fall.  Chewy's only fallen a few times.  But the hula hoop lets her practice balancing on her own skis while it helps me Biker Boy control and contain Chewy.  Her attention span is only about 3 minutes, so sometimes she forgets that she's suppose to be watching where she's going.  Then Biker Boy uses the hula hoop to steer her when she forgets to steer and heads towards a tree.  After a few runs down the big hills of the mountain this week with the hula hoop, Chewy was on her own on a magic carpet and little bunny hill.  She didn't want any help and didn't fall once!  I think the hula hoop practice helped.  And my other little skier was getting "air."  Freaks me out.  But he loves it. 

We've never had an issue with taking the hula hoop on chair lifts at 3 different ski hills we've been to this year.  Most of the lift attendants like the idea.  I'm not fond of taking the hula hoop on the chair lift and managing a child that can't get on it, but Biker Boy does fine.  Thank goodness.  My chairlift buddy is able to manage the chairlift himself this year, cause I've got enough trouble managing myself on a chairlift with a snowboard on!

You can find my other ski tips for kids here.  Add the hula hoop to it. 

And one other tip: Keep a pocket full of small treats to give the kids at various times.  Biker Boy and I each keep a small baggie of M&M's or Reese's Pieces and give the kids a couple after runs or after riding the chairlift.  Sometimes on the chairlift.  My kids should have signs that say, "Will ski for treats."  Works wonders. 
Do you have any great tips for taking little ones skiing or snowboarding? 

And yes, I have a giveaway starting at the end of the week.  I hope you'll come back then!  Thanks for stopping by!

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