Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Boy Cave: Building A Loft

We told Scooter he could have a loft for his sixth birthday.  We're only 6 months late.  Not too bad.  And he didn't mind.  Plus he got a new race track on his birthday.  It had a dinosaur on it.  Two of his favorite things. 

So while I dealt with Chippy and Peeled and painted the boy cave with stripes, Biker Boy worked on the loft.  He designed it in his CAD software...all by his big boy self.  The man never ceases to amaze me.  But he is an engineer.  Which still amazes me.  Biker Boy says I'm in charge of dreaming and designing.  He's in charge of re-engineering and fabrication.  It works for us.  We have some compromises along the way.  I was adamant that my child was not going to have 2x4s for braces to hold him in his bed.  He needed something a little more beefy, like 2x6s.  Biker Boy didn't think so.  I cried.  Biker Boy gave in.  End of story. (Okay, so I didn't cry....I just added that for effect.)

We have plans for the bed....somewhere in the computer.  It's built out of 2x6s and 2x4s.  It has an MDF plywood platform for the mattress to lay on.  Originally we were just going to put the box spring up there too as the platform, but scrapped that idea.  Chewy's got a box spring on her bed now. 

The loft also has an angled ladder.  This bed was not super cheap to build, but way cheaper than wood lofts from some other stores. 

Biker Boy even took a 3 light system and put it up under the bed so Scooter has some light under there.  With a north facing room, Scooter's room doesn't see as much light as the rest of the house.  I don't have a picture of the lights, but you can see the glow in the photo below.  Good enough.  This is real life, not a decor blog.

Oh, I found one!  Here's the lights with Chewy modeling under them.

We let Scooter choose what color he wanted to paint his bed. I took him to Lowes and stood him in front of the Olympic paint chips.  It took the child all of 15 seconds to find the color he liked.  Dragonfly.  It's a really bright midnight blue color.  For a north facing room.  I said, "It's a little dark.  Daddy isn't going to like this color.  I think it's a little dark.  We're going to compromise."  So he got his color choice on the rails and ladders.  The rest of the bed was painted Olympic Interior White in Satin from a gallon that we had.  It's the No-VOC kind of paint.  I like it.  Except that it takes a lot of coats.  The Dragonfly color took me 5 coats on primered wood to get it to look even.  5 coats!  I think we did 3 of the white.  It was a lot of painting.  And now we're letting the kid stick stickers of ski areas that we have been to on his bed.  Chewy's bed too. 

Luckily the color Scooter chose went nice with what was already in his room.  The kid has better design instincts than I do.  Except that he's not the neatest little thing around.  When I tell him to pick up his room, he asks, "Why?"  I guess that's a good question.  If you're just going to get it messy again, why pick up!  But his future wife will hopefully appreciate that his mom made him pick up his room and do his laundry.  (Yes, my kiddos do their own laundry....with my supervision.  And just the other day Scooter asked, "Why do I have to do my laundry?")

We've been changing what goes under the loft.  Right now we're settled on one of the IKEA Tullsta chairs and a book shelf with Scooter's keyboard.  And the dog. 

Best of all, Scooter loves his loft.  And it gives him tons of playroom on his floor.  It's great for having friends over to play.  Scooter lays train tracks, car cities, and car tracks all over the place.  Plus he found he can put his car tracks from his loft down to his floor and really make the cars go.  Boys.  

We're in the midst of cleaning his room up a little since Biker Boy installed the shelf I built (okay I cut the wood and painted it, Biker Boy assembled).  Then I can do what they call a "room reveal" of the Boy Cave.

What birthday presents are you a little behind on?  

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