Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Boy Cave: Stripes

There's the Man Cave and the Bat Cave and now....The Boy Cave.  Biker Boy called Scooter's "new" room that one day and by has a ring to it.  I now call Scooter's room "The Boy Cave."

He's got the new nicely painted walls.  (Find all about my fight with Chippy and Peeled here.)  He's got a nice new loft.  He's also got stripes on his walls.  And that's what I'm striping talking about today. 

I don't think I need to go into too much detail about how to do stripes.  It's all over blogland.  It's huge.  Stripes are big.  There are some pretty handy tips here at Centsational Girl to get you started.

I first painted my one wall that was going to have stripes with my base color.  Seashell Gray by Valspar.  Love it!  I seriously want to paint my whole house in this color.  Scooter has a north facing room that is dark.  This color really made the room brighter.  Not to mention that we went from a colored ceiling to a white ceiling.  Biker Boy was happy with any color I chose for the walls as long as it was light and the ceiling had to be white.

I used a level and pencil to mark where my stripes would be.  I made 12 inch high stripes.  I then taped them with painter's tape.  Risky, very risky on my part.  Especially since I had previous experience with Chippy and Peeled and painter's tape.  I painted over the tape with my base layer, per a suggestion from others at Centsational Girl.  Then I painted my stripe color.  Filtered Shade by Valspar, which is one shade darker than Seashell Gray.

I ripped off the tape while the paint was still wet and only ripped off a little bit of the paint.  I touched it up with a small child's paint brush.  And I accomplished this whole wall while my youngest napped, my oldest was at school, and my hubby was at work.  High five for me! (I didn't tell anyone I was doing stripes.)

I hate taping to cut in paint by ceilings and baseboards, so I don't.  I tape a huge putty knife and then just put that along the baseboard as I paint.  Works lovely. I cut in by hand on the ceiling without using tape.  Works for me.

My mom said the stripes look like roads and you know what....if I painted yellow lines on them they totally would!  It'd go with the whole car and ski theme Scooter has going on in his room.

I'm currently working on a shelf to put up on the striped wall.  I'll show you the whole room when I get 'er done.  Maybe I'll show the loft next.  Biker Boy did a snazzy job on it.  It's even got lights! 

So....any Boy Caves in your home?  Girl Caves?  What kind of cave do you have?  I don't have one yet, unless you count my bathroom.

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  1. Love the striped walls! And I also love how subtle it is. Great job!


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