Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holding My Breath

Maybe I'm just a nervous mom.  I don't want to be gulping and shouting, "Watch Out,"  "Stop, you're going to hurt yourself," or "Oh No!."  So I just hold my breath. 

I have a few reasons to lately.

1) Scooter likes to bike fast.  Faster than me.  And I use to race mountain bikes.

2) Biker Boy built a bike ramp for Scooter.  Biker Boy likes it.  No breath holding here.

3) Scooter likes it too.  Big breath holding.

4) So Biker Boy built a taller ramp.  More breath holding.

5) We took Scooter to the skate/bike park in town.  At least if I pass out my brain will make me start to breath again.  Hopefully.

6) There were a lot of middle schoolers there too.  Serious breath holding.  Scooter only collided with a skateboard once.  The board, not the boarder. 

7) Chewy thought she'd try the bike park out too.  I might pass out from breath holding.  At least she was on her tricycle and not her 2-wheeled bike.  (The one she asked for the training wheels to be taken off of...then I would pass out.)

8) Scooter sticks his tongue out while he rides.  I stopped holding my breath only to yell, "Put your tongue in. I don't want you biting it off."

9)  Ramps.  Yikes.  Hold my breath.  I know the ramp is little and I could ride it too, but that's my child on it.  I will hold my breath if I want to.

10)  "Look how much air I got mommy!"  Extreme breath holding.  And yes, that's Biker Boy following Scooter. 

I've found that if I'm behind a camera, I'm less likely to pass out.  I sometimes even take a breath.  And I don't yell as many crazy mom things.  Except I did have to tell Scooter to "Watch Out!" a couple of times at the skate/bike park.  And I don't hold my breath watching children that aren't my own.  Only when they're about to crash into my child, then I hold my breath.  Or when my child is about to crash into their skateboard, then I hold my breath.

What do you do when you watch your kids do something that makes you nervous?  Any other breath holders out there? 

Just Breathe!

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