Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Boy Cave - Room Reveal

Welcome to the Boy Cave.  Meet Ranger, the little white dog, who will be your tour guide.  You'll catch glimpses of him.

Be warned:  I'm not a designer or a stylist.  There was no styling what-so-ever in these photos.  Other than this is the cleanest the room probably ever was or will be.  I use what I have, get things cheap, and worked around what would work for Scooter.  But for those of you who don't get to visit, you can now virtually visit Scooter's room.  And I'm not the best at taking photos in a north facing room that never sees direct sunlight, plus it's partially shaded by the front porch overhang.  So this is what you get.

The boy has lots of floor space to play now. Good for train tracks, car tracks, dinosaur hunting, lego building, and all the other things Scooter likes to do.

That white thing to the left of the green bookshelf is a RabbitAir.  Scooter has asthma and allergies.  This helps filter the air in his room.  We also have one in our main room.  I wrote about RabbitAir here a long time ago.  Love them.  And I'm not paid or perked to say that.  And we no longer switch to manual at night in Scooter's room (like in my review), he doesn't mind it on auto or pollen mode at all while sleeping.

The bookshelf is a hand me down.  I spray painted it green a while back.  I don't remember what color.  It's a green apple color.  It's got some of our children's book collection on it.  The magazine holders are from Target, one in green and one in gray.  The green mirror is a $5 purchase from Target.  They're in the stores right now.  We hung it so Scooter can see in it.  We can raise it as he gets taller.  The bulletin board is from my childhood.  I painted it white and covered it in leftover drapes from Scooter's nursery (from our house in MN).  The drapes were made from shower curtains...from case you were wondering.  We use the 3 leftover panels to make Scooter's loft into a fort sometimes.  The green plastic crate is also a hand me down and houses the stuffed animals. 

On to the loft.  I wrote about the loft building here.

The loft is painted in Olympic Paint.  The white is Olympic Interior in Satin, straight off the shelf.  The blue is a mixed paint called Dragonfly.  The bedding is by Olive Kids.  I got the bedding years ago for a good deal when Scooter turned 2.  It's the Trains, Planes, and Trucks Bedding.  In case you couldn't tell.

Under the bed is one of my IKEA Ektorp Tullsta Chairs.  (Read my review here.)  I covered the pillow it came with in a slip cover made from one of Biker Boy's old t-shirts.  It's NASCAR.  Scooter loves NASCAR....or anything with wheels.  The pictures (that I notice are crooked) were done by the grandparents.  You can find out about them here.  I don't remember where the keyboard is from, we've had it for about 12 years and Scooter has claimed it.  The bookshelf is a hand me down and painted the same colors as the dresser and desk.  The green bins are fabric ones from Target.  They house Lego sets and miscellaneous toys.

Wondering about the dresser and desk?  Here they are:

They were Biker Boy's when he was a kid.  I painted them before Scooter was born.  Find out about the dresser here and the desk here.  They are painted in Rust-Oleum American Accents Paint.  Blossom White, Summer Squash, and Wildflower Blue.  On the dresser is the fish tank.  We're just waiting for those fish to die, but since we're waiting....they won't!  The green fabric box was a clearance find at Target years ago.  It houses Scooter's collection of ski maps.  The desk holds a lamp that Biker Boy had as a kid, his aunt made it for him.  I spray painted the bronze base gray.  I haven't yet done anything with that yellow bulletin board, so it just sits there.  There's a green pot (it held a plant from when Chewy was born) to hold small toys.  The plant in the white vase is because we try to put a plant in every room to help filter the air.  That one does good in very little sunshine.  And there's another one of those green plastic crates to hold extra toys. 

Those stripes on the wall?  I covered them here.  Gotta love Valspar Signature paint.  It does cover in one coat.  And I'm not paid to say that.  The walls are Seashell Gray and the darker stripes are one shade darker and called Filtered Shade.

On to the shelf.

Biker Boy and I built it.  I cut the wood, he put together, and I painted it.  Olympic Paint again.  Things will change on this shelf over time.  It's more for display, since I can barely reach it.  Starting on the left....we have a frame with "Scooter" on it.  That's the boy's nickname....not his real name.  There's a wooden Cicada that the boy built.  A MN license plate, cause that's where the boy was born.  A snowboarding poster that we got free at a ski swap, cause the boy likes it.  It's in a $12 frame from Target.  There are some more wooden toys to the right of the frame.  The red matted framed object is a stitching that Scooter's Great Grandma did of a mustang.  There's a wooden "LIVE" sign and a piggy bank that my fellow teachers gave me when I had Scooter.  Oh....the valences were purchased before we moved into this house at Target for $5 each on clearance. 

And another view of the room....

Find out about the car photo here.  It's a photo I took of some of Scooter's car collection for his third birthday.  I finally painted the frame white.  The blue floor cushion is another clearance find at Target.  $9!  I tell ya....I'm addicted to those little red clearance stickers.  Scooter now uses the pillow as a leg rest for his broken leg. 

And another view of his room...

You can find out about how I made the wooden signs here.  These are all the places that Scooter has been skiing and his favorite trails.  Except he started doing blue squares and even a black diamond at the end of the season.  Those signs will be seeing some changes.  The wooden moose are actually pasta forks.  Yep, I hung pasta forks on my kid's wall.  They're mostly just place holders for future signs.  Except I think the moose will get moved to another place when new signs go up. Cause I like them.  And we Biker Boy built shelves in the left hand closet a while back.  That's where the majority of the toys are stored.

Since Scooter broke his leg, his room is in a little of an uproar.

His mattress got moved to the floor.  I have a sleeping bag next to his bed, since he wanted me with him for the first few nights.  Scooter's baskets of cars and trucks are right next to the bed, rather than in the closet, so he can easily access them from his bed.  There are books everywhere.  And the dog. 

And that, my friends, is The Boy Cave.  A fun place to play and hang out.  And truly a work in progress.  Like everything else around here.

Where are you hanging out?

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