Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Remember Scooter doing this from my last post:

He's now doing this:

Playground mishap at school.  It wasn't the biking that did this.  Who would have thought?

Full-on mommy mode here.  Sleeping in Scooter's room to give him pain meds and just cause he wants his mama.  Carrying and catering to the kid.  Worrying.  Loving.  Tiring.  Crying.  Hugging.  Holding.

Today's Agenda:  Sitting around in underwear and playing video games.  (I won't be sitting around in my underwear....we just can't get pants on Scooter without screaming yet.  Getting his pajama pants off from when he got the cast on was a huge trial in patience for all of us.)

Today's Goal: Learn to use the walker. Scooter used it to sit himself on the couch this morning.  After 30 minutes of trying to get out of bed.  It's so hard to see him in pain. 

Any tips on caring for a kid with a full leg cast?


  1. Hello and best wishes for Scooter in his cast!

    Constantin, my 10 year old son broke his right leg on April 20 (bicycle accident), too.

    He wear a huge, blue cast from his hip to his toes, too. Constantin must wear the cast for six weeks. He is so brave! How long must Scooter wear the cast?

    Constantin can walk with crutches. But walking with crutches is very difficult and strenuous, so mostly Constantin lie on the couch in our living-room and watching TV or playing with his play-station.

    Because walking is so difficult last Wednesday we ordered a wheelchair for Constantin. He picked up a blue wheelchair with Spiderman-motive. The wheelchair will deliver next Monday. Constantin look forward to get his wheelchair because of more mobility.

    We look forward to read more about Scooter`s revovery.

    Michaela and Constantin, my little „cast-boy“

  2. I understand what you're going through Michaela! I hope Constantin enjoys the wheelchair and that it's helpful for you! My son is light enough that my husband and I can carry him around. We've been using an umbrella stroller to get him around too. Now that his pain is less he's starting to use a walker. His pediatric orthopedic specialist got him a walker because it's easier than crutches for kids and she wants him to be as mobile as he can. Scooter is in his full cast for 3 weeks. Then we go back for x-rays. If everything looks good he can get a below the knee walking cast that will be on for 3 additional weeks. I can only imagine that 6 weeks in the full cast would be difficult. Scooter's starting to get itchy with it on. How is Constantin dealing with it? Good luck! We'll keep you in our prayers!


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