Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sinking & Floating

Just a little update on our household.....We're floating and sinking in this week of a down pour.  Meaning it's pouring in our life, but we could really use the rain outside. 

Sinking: The full leg cast.  The itchy and scratchies have set in.  The kid has quite the plethora of faces.  I've been trying to capture them on camera.  That'll be a post for the future.
Floating:  He's in a lot less pain and actually slept through the whole night last night for the first time since the break.  And woo hoo.....he started back at school yesterday and made it the whole day.  His teachers reported that today went even better. 

Sinking: I have strep again.  For the fifth, maybe sixth time in a year.  Just call me a little frustrated and extremely exhausted.  And slightly stressed out.
Floating:  I can still function and take care of my family.  Double woo hoo.  And hooray for antibiotics that hopefully will make me feel better.

Sinking: Take a look at that toe below.  He doesn't think it's broken, but it really hurt when it happened.  And he's off for a throat culture today.  Oh, and his car got broken into just recently.
Floating:  The car window got repaired, but Biker Boy had to repair what the repairman did.  He can still mountain bike with that swelling purple toe.  That's all I've got for now....woo hoo.

Sinking:  She's missed a nap for way too many days.  Plus she's probably getting a lot less attention than usual.
Floating:  She's the only healthy one.  And she's a wonderful little helper.  Plus she says the sweetest prayers for all of us.

Our household has been full of prayers this week.  And thank you to all who have been praying for Scooter's recovery.  We can see God's hand in everything we've been going through lately.  Plus it helps to have a little Ice Cream.  There's nothing like a Drumstick to make us all feel better and bring back a little joy.  Except that I might really start to sink in the pool if I keep eating one every night. 

Totally not an inspiring post, but it's reality.  We take the good and the bad.  And then try to find the good in the bad.  And it rained the slightest amount out today in our drought ridden land (more of a rain/snow mix).  I'll take a drought in our life this next week.  Please.

We hope you're floating more than you're sinking! 

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