Saturday, May 7, 2011


Have you heard of Spants?

They're all the rage.  At least in our house.

They're Like Totally In.  Dude. 

My little dude is sporting spants. 

The words "spants" made Scooter laugh at first.  I think I've overused it.  Now he just wants to call his special pants "pant shorts."  These are special pants for a kid in a full leg cast.

I just cut off the right legs on 3 pairs of pants for my little casted Scooter.  That way his cast is free to breath and we can prolong the stink that comes later on.  His good leg is protected from the sun and wind.  After 3 days of sitting in his undies, it was time for some spants. 

We've got Aunt K to thank for the spants, a couple of pairs of shorts, and Scooter's new favorite t-shirt.  Star Wars.  You're now cool Aunt K.  He loves his new shirt.  Thank You!

The spants came on because we took a quick trip to visit Scooter's class and pick up his school work.  It was such a successful trip that Scooter's confidence soared to 100.  He attempted his walker to get out of the van and into the house.  This video is for the grandparents.  Enjoy. (When I can get it to work.)

Then because Scooter was so confident with his walker success, he attempted it on his own.  Scooter ended up on his back on the floor with lots of screaming.  His confidence level dropped back to a big ZERO.  He didn't like the walker and didn't want to use it again.

This morning Biker Boy and I told Scooter he couldn't play video games until he used his walker.  (I know...harsh!)  Success!  Both in using the walker and substantially improving video game skills in 4 days.   

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