Wednesday, June 15, 2011


After Scooter got off his long cast, he got a short cast on for 3 weeks. 

The cast went from good... bad.  Yuck.  Double yuck.  And more yuck.  We did try hard to keep those toes clean.  Yuck.

After 3 weeks in the short cast we ventured back to the hospital to have x-rays.  Everything looked perfect and the doctor said Scooter could get a removable walking cast for 3 weeks. 

Then disappointment hit.  (I prepared Scooter ahead of time that he may have to get another cast, so it wasn't a total surprise.)  The smallest pediatric air cast they had didn't fit Scooter. 

My child was too petite.  Too small.  Too short. 

When the casting nurse handed Scooter the colors he could pick from, Scooter grabbed my hand to cover his eyes that had started watering.  He didn't want anyone to see him crying.  Poor thing.  It broke my heart. 

Once the bright green cast was on, Scooter was back to smiling.  He's been in a cast so long, it doesn't seem to bother him and he was running on it by the evening.  He recovered quickly and is taking it all in stride.

Three more weeks.

 Except we have special permission to try 2 weeks and hopefully get it off before the 4th of July so Scooter can go swimming. 

What a little trooper.  I would have been crying my eyes out a lot more. 

How long do you think the cast will stay like this?

Are you bummed about anything?

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