Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dealing With Allergies

When we lived in MN Biker Boy had bad allergies.  I would just say, "poor baby."  I didn't quite understand how allergies felt until after about 2 years in the southwest.  Now I'm the "poor baby."  I've developed bad allergies to juniper pollen.  Yuck.  Not fun.

Biker Boy still deals with some allergies, but not like he did in MN.  And Scooter.....poor addition to allergies, he has asthma.  Allergies and asthma run in the family.  Fun genetics.

So we deal with allergies, especially in the spring and summer.  Sneezing, snot, coughs, head aches, wheezing, infections, and more.  Fun times. Okay, not really.  But we deal with it.  And we're thankful that we are mostly healthy and can deal with allergies.

Here's a few things we've done to try and combat allergy season:

Rabbit Air Purifiers
I've mentioned these before here and here.  We have one in our main room and Scooter gets one in his room.  You can also see Scooter's here in his room tour and in the photo below.  Love Rabbit Air.  They work wonderfully, efficiently, and quietly.  I'd totally recommend them to anyone looking for a good air purifier.  Find them at  And I don't work for them or get perked by them.  We did our own research on purifiers and bought from them, we're just happy customers.

Breathe Healthy Masks
These were an addition to our arsenal just this year.  It gets super windy here during the spring, which blows pollen and dust everywhere.  I couldn't go running outside without having a huge sneezing fit when I got home.  In my research for a dust mask I came upon these Breathe Healthy masks that are comfy and washable!  We all got one and love them.  Chewy wears hers without complaining, Scooter is finally getting used to his, and I wear mine anytime I'm outside now since getting a bad sinus infection.  And Biker Boy has a camo colored one, in case you were wondering.  Yes, we probably look funny to the neighbors, but I don't care.  I don't have sneezing fits when I get home from running and I even wear mine biking.  It does take a little getting use to the masks when you exercise in them, but I think it's totally worth the extra warmth.  We might even use them to cover our faces when we go snowboarding in the winter.  You can find them at  And again, I don't work for them or get perked for this glowing review.  We just bought ours, love ours, and want to pass on the recommendation for whoever who like one.  They're also moisture repellent, have an antimicrobial treatment, are washable, and super comfy to wear.

Oh, many of you know about these things.  Biker Boy loves it.  My jury is still out on it.  I'm still not liking the whole feeling of water up my nose and the fact that it's only short term relief for me.  But it does work, I'll give it that.  It clears you out.  And it's either totally repulsive or fascinating to watch someone else use the Neti-Pot.  Give it a try.  Ours is a NeilMed Pharmaceuticals can even check out a video on their site of how to use it.  Give it a try, I dare you.  And I don't work for them or get perked.  I'll keep saying that.

We only take medication when we really need it.  And well, at least Scooter and I need it.  I'm happy to give my kid medication that keeps him alive, breathing, and without major asthma symptoms.  Scooter sees a wonderful Asthma and Allergy specialist about four times a year to monitor his health and asthma symptoms, along with the levels of medication that are needed.  I resort to over the counter allergy medication for about a month a year, otherwise I'm a miserable person.  And I can barely catalog all the other meds I've been put on for repeated sinus and strep infections.  Yes, I am seeing an ENT soon.  I don't like all the medication, though I'm feeling a ton better now.

My newest, favorite, most wonderful item is a temporal thermometer.  I've been running fevers a lot and my three cheap normal thermometers were driving me batty.  The one that is suppose to take your temperature in 7 seconds, was more like 30 seconds and was always reading low.  The more accurate one took about 2 minutes to read.  And well, the third one was used on the kids as babies....and I'm not so sure about using that one in my mouth.  So I splurged on a termporal thermometer and I love it. Totally beats spending money on three cheap ones.  It's quick, accurate, and so easy to use.  You can even use it on a sleeping child.  I've been playing with the thing likes it a toy.  But it's not a toy.  I know.  Right now I'm a lovely 99.6F.  I'm still fighting a deep infection.  Or maybe I'm just hot blooded.  I got my thermometer at Target and it's an Exergen brand.  You can find out about their awesome thermometer and where to get it here.  And I don't work for them or get perked.  I bought my own and love that thing!  Plus they use them at my doctor's office. 

Other Stuff
We have small humidifiers running in our dry environment to help us breath.  We have a big one on the way to put in our main room, so I'm not sure how that one works yet.  I make warm water with honey and lemon for the kids and I to drink when we get to coughing.  I've heard local honey is suppose to help allergies and I'm going to go in search of some when the Farmer's Market opens this week.  We also eat probiotic yogurt daily, since we've heard that's suppose to help allergies. 

So tell do you deal with allergies?  Any special products or tips that you have found worth it?

Have a most wonderful week and thanks for checking in with us!

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