Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Fun

How does the father in your life like to spend Father's Day?

My hubby spent it doing a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race.

Yep, you read that right.  Twenty Four Hours.  As in 1 whole day spent biking. 

Yes, you can call Biker Boy crazy.  Anyone who does a 24 hour race is crazy.  In a good way.

Biker Boy was on a 4 man team and they took turns doing 16 mile laps (they each did 4 laps).  It's still tiring doing it on a team.   Believe me, I know.  I've done a few 24 hour races myself in the past.  I'm now retired....thank you.  I didn't miss having to get up in the middle of the night for my shift in the dark.  Didn't miss it one bit. 

So AWESOME JOB Chain Suckers.  You guys rock and roll!  They took 5th place out of 19 teams in the 4-man team category.  Hope you guys aren't coughing up too much dust still.  And I never got a team photo. Sorry.

The kiddos and I accompanied Biker Boy as his support team.  I don't think I offered too much support since I was chasing after two little ones on bikes.  And I was wrangling the dog.  And I got stung by a bee and had to have Biker Boy support me.  And I didn't get out of my tent once during the night to offer any support.  Especially since the kids and I stayed in a different tent from Biker Boy. 

The race was very family orientated and offered a kid's tent with activities and a kid's race.  There were ribbons for all the miniature competitors.  So fun and so cute.  Nothing like a bunch of little kids racing down a dirt road to elicit chaos, laughter, grins, and some tears.   

Chewy was up first in the 5 and under category.  She managed to crash her tricycle.  She cried and I asked if she wanted to finish.  "I want to finish!" she cried (maybe screamed) as she got back on her bike and pedaled like a mad girl down the hill.

I did manage to just turn on the camera as she crashed, only to have to turn it right back off.  This video is for the grandparents.  Enjoy!  It's only 2 seconds long.

Scooter was up in the 6 year old category.  He took a nasty crash in the morning and gashed up the knee on his casted leg, but still wanted to do the race.  And he must have biked for hours after the race.  If the kid wasn't eating or sleeping, he was biking around the campsite.  He was known as the kid with a cast who bikes.  It was hard to miss his bright green cast.

And that's how we spent Father's Day.  Awesome job my Biker Boy!  You never cease to amaze me in all that you do.  The kids and I are so blessed to have such a dedicated, loving, caring, and inspiring man in our lives.  And I can't forget to mention that we have the best dads (that would be the grandpas) in the world.  We love you all!

How did you spend Father's Day?

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