Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Pro HD Helmet Review

This has been sitting unposted for awhile.  It's time to post it.  It's another review.  And I tend to only review stuff that we really love.  This post might get a little long.  That's how much we love this.

This is the most awesome video camera ever...dude.  And if you can guess how many times I'm going to use the word dude in this could win a camera of your own.  Sorry, kidding.  Not nice of me.  Dude.  No giveaway today.  But still guess how many times I can use the word "dude" in one post.  And remember that this is an awesome camera, dude. 

We lurve this camera.  Lurve means loving a non-living thing.  We lurve the Go Pro HD Helmet Camera

It's like a totally rad and awesome camera, dude.  And this is an unbiased review.  We were not paid or perked to do this.  I saved and shelled out my hubby's own hard earned dough to splurge on him.  And we don't regret it one bit.  This camera is totally worth saving for and getting.  Dude.  And we've had this camera since March of 2010.  Over a year, dude.

Let me count a few of the ways that we love this Go Pro.

1) We love the variety of ways you can mount it.  It came with a helmet mount.  We've put it on bike helmets and snowboarding helmets.  We've also just stuck it on our head with the strap.  We also purchased the chest mount harness.  We use that while skiing or snowboarding.  We also purchased the handlebar seat post mount.  We've mounted it on the handlebar of mountain, road, and tandem bikes.  We've mounted it on the seat post of mountain bikes and we've mounted it on the bar of a trail-a-bike facing our son.  So much variety, it's worth loving.  And Biker Boy gets asked about the camera nearly every time we're out.  Even at his 24 Hour mountain bike race (you can see the camera on his bike if you go to the link). 

Below you can see a photo of our 6-year-old son wearing the chest mount harness while skiing.  Now that's an awesome video with a few face plants into the snow.  Wish you could see it.  I'm not uploading it, it was a long run.  And Scooter's Grandpa Doc calls him "Dude."  I'm pretty sure we've subjected Grandpa Doc to some of the videos of the kids.  Just some random info there for you, dude.

And because I love photos of my family, here's a picture of Biker Boy below wearing the chest mount harness while skiing with our daughter Chewy.  Now those are some great videos!  I'm not posting those either.  Too long.  But there's some more great face plants in those.  And some great skiing too, dude.

And now to show you it mounted on our tandem, take a look at my handsome guy and I riding the Bicycle Tour of Colorado in 2010.  I am so not in shape this year, glad we did it last year.

2) We love the waterproof housing that the camera comes with.  Our camera has had more than a few face plants into snow while someone wearing it was skiing or snowboarding.  My dad-in-law also took pictures of our family white water rafting on our vacation last summer.  No fear of getting the camera wet.  It takes great still photos.  And no children or grandparents were harmed in the filming of this.  It was just good wet fun.

3)  We love the variety of options.  There are three different HD resolutions you can choose from.  I usually leave that up to my dear Biker Boy to choose.  It is his camera.  You can also shoot hands free photos on different intervals.  We've tried it all.  Videos and stills.  We love them both.  On the Bicycle Tour of Colorado we set the camera up to take pictures every 30 seconds on one day.  I can hardly pick one favorite photo.  An example is below.  We have about 1000.  Not kidding.  I just love the water bottle in the one below. 

And one more photo.  Just because I can.  Apparently the camera caught Biker Boy and I checking out our front tire.  Call it an outtake.  Biker Boy is going to love that I put the nose shot on the web.  Dude.

4) We love how tough the camera is.  This camera has been through bike crashes, snowboard crashes, and skiing crashes.  It keeps going.  It's also got a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  Lurve it.  Like totally, dude.

5) HD Video.  What more can I say.  That's worth lurving!  And now that we no longer have a decade old computer, we can finally play the videos on our computer.  Biker Boy is in charge of editing our videos, so I'm just going to put the shortest one I can find in here.  It's an outtake of our son Scooter on the trail-a-bike.  He was five at the time and biking behind his daddy's mountain bike on a fire road.  You should see the longer videos, they're my favorite.  If you ever visit us you will be subjected to hours of awesome HD video of the kids biking and skiing.  Especially the skiing.  You should see the three-year-old skiing.  And the six-year-old jumping in the snow.  Totally awesome dude.  But for your viewing pleasure, I'm posting a short outtake.  Cause I just don't have the patience or time to post a longer one.  Or the patience to edit a long one to a short one.  And I'm not familiar with You Tube yet.  Enjoy this one, dude!

6) Documenting memories in an extraordinary and awesome way with this camera. Do you need more of a reason than that? I cherish those videos of my munchkins. And the ones of my extra handsome hubby. And the memories of the places we've been. And Biker Boy just likes the videos of his epic mountain bike rides and races. We've even ridden our bike trainers in the living room in the dead of winter watching some of those mountain bike rides. Good times. Dude.

So if you were ever considering getting this camera, start saving.  It's totally worth it.  Just yesterday we were biking the kids up the Crest Road (that would be a mountain) and saw a fancy schmany Nissian car driving down the mountain road with a Go Pro mounted to the top of their car.  They were excessively speeding, which I don't recommend.  Try not to break laws....but they probably got a pretty good video, dude.  And I'm pretty sure my family was on it while we were heaving our lungs out on the side of the road from pulling a trail-a-bike and a trailer behind our tandem. 

And if you know me, I hyperventilate anytime I have to spend over $100 on something.  I'm fairly cheap.  But I didn't even flinch once we got this camera.  It's a no regrets kind of thing.  Totally worth saving for, dude. 

You can find the Go Pro Website here.  Just in case I've peaked your interest, dude. 

We got ours from REI, cause we're members and have that lovely money back credit card from them.  But you can get the camera from a variety of places.

And that, dude, is my glowing review of the Go Pro Helmet Cam.  And remember, Go Pro has no idea who I am or that I rave about their product.  But if they'd like to use my kiddos as spokespersons....I'd seriously think about it.  I've got some super cool videos of them.  But maybe I'm just biased because they are my kids.  Dude. 

Do you have a Go Pro?  Likes and dislikes about it?  Spill it here for others.  Or ask questions.  And have yourself a great day!

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