Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Kid In A Leg Cast Continued

Got a kid in a cast?  Or had a kid in a cast? 

We've been there and done that.  Hopefully for the last time.

You can follow our adventures in my past posts:
A kid in a leg cast

Scooter was in a full leg cast for 3 weeks.

He was in a short cast for 3 weeks.

And then he was in another short cast for 2 weeks when the removable cast was too big for him.

Then finally.....after 2 months of being casted.....He was FREE!!

Except we saw a different doctor than normal who didn't know Scooter's history and wanted to cast him again because Scooter was scared to walk without the cast.  HUH?

I convinced the doctor that Scooter would be walking in no time once he got his confidence back.  We made an appointment for 2 days later to get another cast if Scooter wasn't walking or was in lots of pain.  I'm cancelling it.  The kid is walking all over and climbing the ladder to his loft.

The leg is free after 2 months.  It's tiny and weak compared to the other leg, but it's free!

It's yucky too.  Note to self: Never vacuum the day before a kid gets a cast off.  Vacuum after.  Looks like I have to drag the vacuum out again.  A trail of dead skin follows Scooter wherever he goes.

We're going to celebrate by jumping in a pool. 

What's your story?


  1. My 4 year old is getting his leg cast off next week and he is scared to death. i'm so glad you posted on your blog that scooter was scared, too, but got the confidence to walk! my little man is begging me to keep his cast on, and after seeing his xrays from the long-leg cast, I can see why. 1.5 months in and still looks pretty darn broken to me. Love you blog! Thanks!

  2. I hope your son's leg is healing well and that after some time with the cast off, he's back to his normal self! Scooter had a funny limp and different walk for a little bit once his cast was off. He was really hesitant to put weight on his broken leg until one day he started running and pretty much fogot it had been broken. It's now been one year since the break and you would never have known that he had such a bad break. Kids are pretty tough. I know it's hard as a mom to watch your little ones goes through the pain and recovery. I'll be thinking of you! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I broke my ankle in three places when I was ridding my quad my foot sliped of the peg and snap. I had surgery amd this Tuesday I go in to get the hard cast on I had the splet on now I get my stitches removed and then the real cast amd im not going to be able to put a shoe on for THREE MONTHS...

  4. Thanks for posting about your son's broken leg adventure. When my 5 year old broke his leg a few months ago, reading about Scooter made him feel a lot better and helped him to understand the stages of how his leg would heal. For the first few weeks he talked about being "just like Scooter" a lot- I think it made him feel better about watching his friends run and play! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. sweet! My Scooter will be so happy to hear that his broken leg story helped another child. I'm so glad that your son is healing up and the broken leg will soon be a memory. I wish you all the best!


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