Monday, June 27, 2011

Ranger Danger

I was never a dog person.

But somehow I became a Ranger person.  Pink nose and all.

But I still don't like dog kisses, dog breath, dog hair, or wet dog smell. 

Luckily Ranger doesn't smell too bad.  Or shed too much.

But I still don't like his kisses.

He eats poop.

Have you heard Ranger sing?  You ought to sometime.  He's a good singer.

And a good runner. And a good hiker.

Don't tell anyone we make him wear a pink raincoat in the snow. 

Luckily his Grandma N got him a blue coat for this next winter.  Lucky dog.

Have you noticed that Ranger loves fleece?  He loves it.  Really loves it. Totally loves it.

He loves going outside.  Digging.  Chasing lizards.  Chasing bunnies.  Barking at things.

I can't forget chasing anything that is remote controlled.  That's a biggie.  Plus it has to include lots of barking.

Ranger also loves the cat.  We think the cat secretly likes him.  They're like Garfield and Odie in real life.  The mean nasty cat and the energetic jumpy dog.  They like each other.  The cat just won't admit it.

Ranger's not so fond of sunscreen.  But his pink nose is not so fond of the sun. 

Ranger's a big dog trapped in a little body.  Or a two year old trapped in the body of a small dog.  He's something else.   

Ranger's always the first one in the bike trailer.  He loves to go for a ride.  He's as crazy as the rest of us.  And he adds an extra 12 pounds onto our ride (can you see him in the trailer, he's on your right).  An extra 12 pounds makes a difference when you're biking up a mountain.  That's how much we love Ranger.  Plus I thought the grandparents would love this picture.

How much do you love your pet?


  1. I don't know what I like more about this picture....the dog in the kid carrier or the boy biking with a cast on...truly a priceless photo taken by an real mom!

  2. I feel like a total weirdo for asking this, but I came across your blog in the search for what my little Tallulah doggy was and your Ranger looks almost identical to her. Dogs aren't supposed to have pink noses or a lot of the features these ones have, so I'm very excited to have found Ranger!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! And no...totally not strange at all, it's a totally good question to ask about Ranger. I've never met anyone else that has a dog with a pink nose, so it's good to know someone else out there has one. As far as the pink nose, it's a rare genetic trait from what we discovered. There are puppies born with pink noses, but they usually turn another color later on. We were told from the animal shelter that Ranger is a terrier mix. We had a person that breeds Jack Russell Terriers tell us that Ranger is a Jack Russell. We did some research and we do think he is mostly wired haired Jack Russell terrier and something else mixed in there. There are DNA tests offered to find out what breed your dog is, but at $160 a test we're not going to do that...we're just happy with Ranger being our dog. Enjoy your doggie and her pink nose!


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