Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Travel Books for Kids

Before we went on our vacation to Kansas and Minnesota, I made some travel books for the kids to use on our long drives. 

I printed out coloring pages, maze pages, and activity sheets from various sites.  I used the PBS Kids site quite a bit.  Then I just searched some of the kids favorite things.  Such as "Hot Wheels printable."  Or Barbie, Polly Pocket, ballet, Matchbox, dinosaurs, and such.  Each kid had their own personal activity book.

I used my three hole punch and then put in a ring clip. It was a little tough for the kids to turn the pages.  Next time I'll put the pages in small three-ring binders.  That way the pages will be easy to turn and they'll have a hard surface to color on too.  Kind of like I did for the car activity book I made for Scooter.

Super quick and super easy.  The kids even helped me pick out pages they wanted for their activity books. 

How do you keep kids entertained on long trips?

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