Friday, July 29, 2011


Sometimes I like to write.  Most of the time it just ends up on random scraps of paper that I find later.  Like this one.  I thought I'd type this one up, especially since we played with Play-doh again the other day.

When you hear the word "Play-Doh" what comes to mind?  Smiling children molding fantastic creations or a colorful mess on your floor?  You enjoy the purple play-doh noodles, but dread the purple pieces embedded in the kid's clothes.  You smile at the cute hot pink butterflies, but frown at the pink specks on the floor.  You love that your children enjoy playing with it, but you really dislike cleaning it up.  I've found that parents either embrace play-doh or try to avoid it.

My husband doesn't enjoy being at home while the play-doh is out.  I suspect that he'll be like my dad.  Ignoring the play-doh with his own children in favor of other child-friendly activities, but spoiling his grandchildren with the 24 color pack of play-doh while spending two hours creating with them.

I use to be a controlling play-doh mother.  The kids could only play with 1 color at a time and had to clean it up before getting another one out.  They could only use one play-doh toy at a time.  I've since let go of my play-doh controlling ways and have embraced a "just go with it" attitude.  I let my children create to their heart's desire.  As I write this there are 8 containers of various colors sitting open and being mixed up.  My son and daughter have created a play-doh food buffet of pink donuts, a pink and green cake, black ice cream, brown cookies, pink pizza, and green noodles for me to choose from. 

It no longer matters if the play-doh dries out, it happens.  The table is covered with a noodle maker, ice cream maker, and rainbow rings set.  There is also a container of vintage play-doh molds and toys from my childhood that is being dug through.  And yes, there is a mess, but it can be cleaned up.  My daughter has pink play-doh dots embedded in her white shirt and a purple dot of play-doh on her forehead.  The floor is covered in at least 8 colors of variously sized play-doh crumbs.  I've just discovered play-doh in my drinking glass.  Thank goodness it's nontoxic. 

While rolling a ball of play-doh in my hand and sticking it to my forehead to make the kids laugh, I've realized that people are a lot like play-doh.  We have to let go of our life controlling nature to let God, our creator, mold us and shape us.  He may choose to leave us as one color, but may mix other colors into us.  We need to yield to His creating hands and let him shape us as He desires.  And just like real play-doh we sometimes make a mess, but God is there to help clean us up.

So take a deep breath, get out the play-doh, create away, and get it stuck in your finger nails while smiling and laughing.  Preferably do it with 8 colors at a time.

How do you feel about Play-doh?  Love it or loathe it?  Hide it or deal with it?  Embrace it or ban it?


  1. I love play doh, perhaps more than my 2-year-old daughter does. My mom recently sent me a giant box of my old play doh toys. They are so much better than what you can buy today. Or maybe I'm biased because they're "mine"?? So I checked out ebay to get vintage but could only stand springing $20 for some molds. If I had money to burn though I'd get a bunch of the vintage stuff, it's so much fun! Oh and I also recently relaxed my play doh rules - let my daughter mix turquoise and brown. At first I freaked inside and had to tell myself "let it go - she's having fun!"

  2. Thanks for stopping by Heidi! And like you, I'm biased towards the old vintage molds too. Have fun!


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