Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Projects: Stucco

The stucco is falling off of our house.  Isn't stucco suppose to be stuck to the house?

Our house is only 4 years old.  I don't think it' suppose to be falling off.

I think perhaps the same people that did the paint inside the house did the stucco on the outside of the house.  They forgot to wash the base layer before putting on the topcoat.  They also didn't keep the topcoat wet as they put it on.  They probably also used our really hard water to wet the stucco.  So we have falling off stucco.

It also falls off where the roof lines meet the house in the valleys.  The water falls onto the stucco of the house and as the freeze and thaw cycles happen, well it looks terrible.  Kinda like Scooter's leg after he got his cast off

We got quotes to have the stucco done from a few companies.  Just picture my jaw dropping open, my eyes bugging out, and indecipherable sounds coming out of my mouth.

Guess what we Biker Boy decided to do after seeing the many thousands of dollars it would cost to fix the house?
He went out and bought a pressure washer, a new tall ladder, a bag of concrete base, and four gigantic bags of stucco top coat in the same color as our house was done.  I got to go pick up the big bags.  If you have kids with you, the people at the lumber yard are really helpful.  Just a tip for ya. 

So here's a little tour of our Biker Boy's ongoing stucco project. 

He started with the side of the house where the water barrels will hide any of his mistakes learning.  He learned how to stucco and that everyone uses a slightly different application technique to get a different look.  And use a sponge float. 

Then Biker Boy moved on to the tall part.  That makes up our lovely elevated ceiling in our open room. 

First you have to pressure wash.  Biker Boy was covered in concrete when he got done.  Wearing eye protection is a must.

Then Biker Boy put in rain diverters to keep water away from the stucco.  They aren't code here.  They should be.  That's all I'm saying. 

Putting in rain diverters involved knocking out some base coat.  So Biker Boy had to mix up some concrete and apply a base coat.

We, I mean Biker Boy, waited a good amount of time for the base coat to dry.

Then he applied the color coat.  Ours is El Rey Stucco in Fawn.  Not the color I would have chosen if I had the choice, but it works.  The key to applying the topcoat is to put it over a clean wet surface.  Clean!  Biker Boy brushed all the dust and debris away and then sprayed the base.  Keep the base wet and the top coat wet as you apply it with the fancy sponge float.  I even tried putting stucco up.  I also got the job of lightly misting the stucco once it was up to keep it wet for awhile. 

You can tell where the new stucco was applied.  As it ages it should blend in with the older stucco.'ll get dirty like the rest of it. 

Biker Boy has since put in three more rain diverters on the front of the house.  He still has some base coat and the color coat to put up there.  Scooter helped put some base coat up last night. 

Biker Boy recently pressure washed the outside of the master bedroom.  Then he'll have to finish that project.

He's also working on our water system.  And then the fascia has to be painted.  And a bunch of other stuff.  But we love our home and feel blessed to have it.  Even with all the work. least we can do it ourselves.  And save a bunch of money at the same time.
So what have you done or are you doing to save yourself money?  House projects?  Car projects?  Life projects?

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  1. WOW Chrissy and Ryan - this is quite the project!!! Don't you wish people would just do their job the correct way the first time??? Looks like you may have done a better job than the people who built the house :)


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