Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Projects: Water Barrels

Since I use this blog to document everything related to Home, Kids, and Life in our life....It's time to get rolling with the summer projects we've been up to. Or Biker Boy has been up to.  He's got lists and lists.  My lists of things will have to wait till both children are in school.

One of our first things this summer was to expand our water collection.  Or our water saving.  That's a good thing in the desert.  Kinda like a camel.  Those of you with endless water supplies and rain.....it's okay if you don't understand.

We purchased another water barrel, a 200 gallon one.  We special ordered it at Lowes.  Since the barrel had to made, it took a little while to get it.  But it was worth the wait.  That's the new one in the picture above.

It's a Tijeras Rain Barrel.  We like it.  We already had a 100 gallon one we were able to get discounted through our county water program (see above pic).  We hooked up our 50 gallon barrels as overflows. 
Our poor barrels sat empty for a long time during the drought.  Poor empty barrels.  It was so sad.
But they are now happy barrels again and completely full as we've been getting rain for the past 4 days!  Thank goodness!  Our plants can once again enjoy water! 

You can see how this improved our water collection since the last time I wrote about it in July of 2009.

What do you have for water?  Lucky enough to be near natural sources or are you on the water barrel train?  Or maybe you just get lots of rain?  Spill it!

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