Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Vacation: Part 1

After Scooter was free from his cast, we plopped him and his sister down in the van for a lovely 14 hour drive to KS.  Or maybe it was 15 hours.  It was long.  Really long.  You can see where we did it before here.

And it was hot.  Thank goodness for air conditioning. That photo is also proof that I did drive a little bit, see my reflection.

We passed numerous feed lots, semi trucks, and even saw a few crop dusters.  Biker Boy also drove directly over a duckling, but he didn't hit it. 

We stopped for lunch and dinner at the place with the golden arches.  And yes, the kids ordered side salads and yogurt parfaits without adult pressure for dinner.  That's a totally true story.  I would not lie about salad.

We had a fabulous time with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband.  Getting all of us together only happens about every 2 years since we're all spread across the country.  We laugh too much and eat too much.  It's too bad I don't have pictures of all the food we ate.  Steak, german potato salad, bacon, french toast, brownie bites, ice cream sodas, and armadillo balls were just a few things.  (Armadillo balls....are you laughing mom?!)

The kids had a blast at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

We went fishing.  The kids did catch a few bluegills and sunnies.  Plus, water is a big hit with the kids since we live in the desert.

Chewy liked netting her brother.

Scooter just liked playing with the worms.  You could give the kid a container of worms and he'd be happy.  Chewy's like that with a box of band-aids. 

There was some pedicures and manicures happening everyday courtesy of Chewy.

I got a pedicure.  Mostly my toenails, but some of the toes were painted.

There were a few man-icures.  More than a few males had their toes or nails painted clear.  They shall remain nameless and faceless here.  Though I have no doubt that the uncles would admit they had their nails painted by their precious niece.

I don't know whether the kids enjoyed Birdie more or Birdie enjoyed the kids more.  That bird loves kids.

And Ranger would have loved to "play" with Birdie.  He was just happy he got to come along on vacation with us.  See how happy he is.  Or maybe he's just hot.

We visited the animal farm that we go to nearly every time we visit.  It's so big now that you can hardly see and do everything.  The kids love to hit the tractor course.  I'm no longer needed to push a kid around it.

There were ducks to feed.

And then more ducks and geese to feed.

You couldn't help but see ducks everywhere.  (See the reflection in the glasses.)

Then there were baby goats to feed.  These were some mighty aggressive goats.  I think Scooter and I both got hoof marks on us.

Chewy was intimidated by all the aggressive goats.  They went after a bottle faster than a hungry baby goes after its mommy's milk.  And that's pretty fast. 

Chewy got some swinging in at another park near Grandma's.  That girl loves to swing.

Scooter went and hit his first golf balls at the driving range.  Chewy tried it too.  We got in some bike rides.  Biker Boy and I also joined the marathon training folks on some runs.  I love running at low altitude after running at our house at high altitude, it feels lovely.  My sister and I got stuck in a lighting storm while out running.  We sought shelter near a strip mall.  Fun times.  We also got to go and see Cars 2. 
We also got a lot of swim time in at the pool.  It was hot and humid while we visited, but the pool hit the spot. 

Scooter loved going underwater with his daddy.  That's probably why he left with a souvenir ear infection.

Chewy loved kicking across the pool with a noodle.

Both kiddos were tuckered out by the end of each day. 

Thanks to my parents for letting us trash their place!  We had a wonderful time visiting.  Thanks for the memories!

Coming up soon....Part 2....the rest of the trip.

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