Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Photos

Do you do family photos?  Studio, professional photographer, or whatever you get when someone happens to point a camera at your family?

We're impromptu photo people.  I love to take photos of my kids, but pictures of the kids with mom and dad are far and few between.  Other than the self-timer photos while camping (like here and here).

Since this past Saturday we were just hanging out all day at home, I thought I'd round the troops up for some photos.  Biker Boy was all clean after his mountain bike ride and the kids were in a good mood.  So I applied some make-up, took my hair out of its usual ponytail, and told everyone to head outside.  I grabbed the remainder of my bag of M&M's for bribes.  I'm not beyond bribing for photos. 

It was slightly overcast and not too sunny for photos.  Biker Boy took photos of Chewy and I while Scooter was putting on shoes and changing his shirt.  (I did request he wear a shirt without a picture.  Otherwise everyone was just wearing what they had on.  I told you it was impromptu.  What you get is what you get.)

Chewy just wanted to chew on a chive from the garden we were standing in.  Not a big deal. 

She also gave me a "nose-nose."  Awwww.  Love my kids.  See the chive?

Unfortunately the sun came out when Scooter got outside (while Chewy was eating a few M&M's).  So my boys were squinting in a majority of their photos.  Oh well, they're still handsome looking dudes. 

We tried a few family ones together.  Someone always had their eyes closed in the good ones.  I tried a "photo merge" with Photoshop Elements and ended up with the photo below.  I can tell who I merged in this one.  Any guesses?  And yes, the dog made a photo.  I think he was watching a lizard that he eventually went after.

I black and whited one photo.  It's not our favorite, but it's all of us together.  Serious looking.  I do like how Scooter looks!  Where did that modeling pose come from? 

And then I played with my Photoshop Elements and actions.  Bold color or colorized picture?  I'm quite indecisive.  Biker Boy could tell you that.  I played with the photos when I should have been vacuuming and mopping.  I did get the vacuuming and mopping done....right before bed and in speedy time.    

Scooter wanted to do some pictures by our rock wall, but the sun was way too bright.  So Biker Boy suggested by the house.  We really didn't want to venture too far from the house because a) the kids would have lost interest fast and would have wanted to explore and b) I had to use the self-timer and run back to the photo.

That would explain my "rushed" look in these photos.  And there I go playing with Elements again.

Let's try this again.  Didn't Biker Boy do a great job on the stucco?  That was one of his summer projects.

Okay, now let's try putting the kids on our shoulders.  No idea what I was thinking there.  Except it was kinda fun.

And yes, I had to run with Chewy on my shoulders.  In hindsight, I should have put Scooter on my shoulders and had Biker Boy push the button on the camera.  But the photos were my idea in the first place.  Poor Chewy...she didn't like being up on my shoulders.  You wouldn't know it from the photos.  Hold on girl.

So that's our little impromptu photo session.  If the grandparents would like any of the originals emailed to them....let me know.  And I've got a few more I'm working on for our "chalkboard wall."  We'll see how those turn out.

So your turn....tell me about your family photos?  How do you do them?  Any favorite photos?  Photography tips?  And do you bribe the kids.....I can't be the only one?

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