Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Wall Art

I've been slowly working on some family wall art that's going to go above the chalkboard wall that I painted.


I may get it hung up in the next three weeks, maybe four.

So in the mean's a sneaky peeky.

Me likey.

See the 2 frames of 3 photos.  One for the boys and one for the girls.  I finally got around to doing something with those silhouettes I made way back in January (not exaggerating).  They're silhouettes of us doing things we enjoy.  Biker Boy is snowboarding (a mountain biking one was too hard for me), Scooter is skiing, Chewy is dancing, and the pets are being pets.  I was originally going to do just those photos on the wall as an 8x10 each.  But I didn't measure.  That's the reason why the pictures didn't quite fit in the 5x7 frames too.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  That wall isn't about perfection anyways.  It's just for fun.

Oh....wondering why my name doesn't have a silhouette?  Cause I couldn't make a decent one of me doing something I love.  That would be swimming.  It just looked wrong.  Funny and wrong.  So I get a heart.  I was too lazy to try anything else.  Biker Boy asked why I didn't do one of myself biking or snowboarding.  Well, too difficult and I didn't have any close ups.  So there.  I'll post the swimming one here for the whole world to see, but I won't post it on my wall where only my family and friends will see it.  Yes, I'm odd.

You may remember my impromptu family photo session.  Chewy picked out this photo to put in a frame.  She picked out the type of editing too.  That girl knows what she likes.

About a week ago I got to paint everyone's left hand.  Each person picked out their own color.  Paint dries really fast here.  It was an interesting time trying to get painted hand prints on paper.  They stuck, in case you were wondering.  Like jam sticks to a kid's face.  I scanned the prints and whipped them all into photoshop elements to make a print out.  I then hand drew in the plus and equal signs.   Pretty fancy schmancy art for free.  Okay, maybe not fancy schmancy if you know how to use elements.  It's fancy for me.

Oh and the big ol' frame.  That's a custom creation too.  The same day I took family photos I made everyone pose for a head shot or ten.  I used a white sheet as a backdrop and then worked my novice magic in elements again.  I chose a color similar to the hand prints and then went to filter....sketch...graphic pen.  In case you have elements and were wondering.  And maybe not.

Wah lah....a brady bunchish picture.  Looking at it now I wish I would have enlarged Scooter's head.  Plus Biker Boy was wearing a white t-shirt and with the white background, that didn't quite match the rest of us.  But oh well, as I said, this isn't about perfection.  It's about fun and whimsy and putting something personal in those lovely frames I brought back from IKEA on our summer vacation.

That's what I've made in the past 8 months.  Just give me another month to get it on the wall.  By then we'll all be another year older.  But I won't get around to putting new things in the frames for probably another 5-10 years.  Yep.  I don't work real fast on some things.

So what have you been working on?  Any framing projects in the works?  Personal family art creations or what have you?

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