Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feet & Stick Art

This is a totally random post.  But I like it.

The kids and I collected sticks awhile back.  The yard is full of them.  And we made stick art on 2 frames that had broken glass panes.  The kids laid out the sticks and I glued them in.

I hung them in my bathroom.  So most people won't see them.  But I like them.

I also hung up some photos.  Of feet.  Our feet.  The frames were $1 at the Dollar Store.  Cheap.

Recognize this one?  It's part of my header on this blog. 

Feet.  Reminds me of John Denver & The Muppets singing the camping song.  Feet.  Gotta love Animal.  Feet.

I had some other pictures I liked that didn't make the cut after I decided to go with feet.

A light house.


But I liked the feet.  Feet.

What are you liking?

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