Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Friday Video

Okay, I'm posting this because Biker Boy said I could put it on You Tube.  Which probably means I can also post it here, cause I've never uploaded anything to You Tube.  Maybe I'll try sometime.  Or maybe Biker Boy was kidding.  Anyhoo....I'm going to.  Cause at least his parents will like it.  Probably mine too.  Hey Dad....that's his new bike in the video. 

This is Biker Boy on his new bike (yes, he finally got that new 29er biker he's been dreaming of.  He found an awesome deal on a plush one that he loves.  Yeah for our house in town being sold!).  Biker Boy is going down that lovely rock wall we built.  Believe and videos make it look tame.  It's much steeper in real life. 

Biker Boy asked Scooter if he should take his bike down the new rock hill.  Scooter said he didn't think he should do it.  Biker Boy asked Chewy and she said, "Yes!"  Me....I was noncommittal.  I know Biker Boy is talented at mountain biking, but that rock wall is steep.  I was asking, "Are you sure those rocks aren't loose?"  Biker Boy said he would find out. 

He was just about to go down the hill when I yelled, "Wait, I have to get the camera."  Scared the poor guy.  I'll admit, I was nervous for Biker Boy.  He wasn't.  He just rolled down that hill like it was pavement.  Made it look easy.  Almost made me want to get back on my mountain bike.  Oh wait, I've retired from mountain biking.  Though Biker Boy said I might get back into it if he gets me a 29er.  I told him wait till Scooter grows into my mountain bike.  Guess I'm going to have to keep up with the kids someday. 

Oh, the rocks stayed on the wall.  And Scooter told Biker Boy, "That's the hardest thing I've seen you do."  Apparently Scooter hasn't watched Biker Boy mountain bike very much.  Just saying'. 

Here's the video:

What fun have you had lately or do you have planned? 

Oh and if you would like any info on the Rocky Mountain Altitude 29...Biker Boy would be happy to share his opinions.  Just shoot me an email.  Pretty suits him and his style of riding very well.  Plus we got a great deal on it. 

Oh and one more thing....have you ever seen trials rider Danny MacAskill?  For a treat we let the kids watch his biking videos.  Totally awesome.  Chewy calls it "Bike Ballet."  That guy has talent and some very high quality videos.   Check out his website or google his name and find the You Tube videos.  You won't be disappointed if you like biking in any way. 

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