Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Projects: Growing Grass Plugs

Have you been wondering what I've been doing all summer?  Especially since Biker Boy has been busy with water barrels, stucco, and chemical pumps.  I wonder too.  Where has this summer gone?

Between naps and being hot (not hot in the hot way as Biker Boy would say, but hot in the feverish way), I think I've played with my children.  My house can attest to that fact.  Ignore the mess....we're making memories.

Oh....and I've been growing grass plugs.  My brown thumb has not shown up.....yet.  Give it time.

Anyone remember last year when we bought grass plugs and put them in our dry, brown yard?  Anyone.....anyone?  Well, you can go here for a memory refresher.  Our side yard is no longer that green. It's dead, brown, and crispy thanks to the drought.  Wrong kind of grass.

So I saved the containers from our first round of grass plugging.  Yep, thrifty me saved the plastic grass plug containers.  And I planted my own grass....thanks to a gift of seed and dirt for Mother's Day from my MIL.  Thank you!

I used the potting soil and the Western Trails native grass seed from High Country Gardens.  No affiliation with them, but I do love them. 

I had already tried growing seeds I collected from our yard from the two native grasses that sprouted on their own.  One in the driveway and one in an arroyo.  They stayed green even without water.  Why don't they grow someplace useful?  It was a feeble attempt.  You can see in the photo.  I won't cry over it.  I was actually happy dancing I got one to sprout. 

So I planted the High Country seeds in the High Country dirt, cause I live in the high country  desert.  To my amazement they sprouted in a few days. At least one kind of the many kinds of seeds did. 

Here's what it looked like after a week.

And yes, I would run my hands and even my bare feet thought those perfect green blades of grass.  Don't judge unless you've lived in a brown and dry land.  I took my grass for granted when I lived in the land of green grass.

And after almost 2 weeks I've still got green!

Glory Be....I've got green!  At least in containers. 

Cause I ain't got in in my yard.  We've been having a drought.  And we don't water the yard in order to uh....conserve water.  Not cause I'm lazy.  Though I won't deny that either.  The kids occasionally watered the yard during their water blasting fights.  And it's okay if that grass died, cause it's bermuda grass and two members of the family are allergic to it.  Really allergic. 

So I will be planting those plugs in my fenced in back yard in the near future.  I'll have to update on it sometime.  First I have a pesky mole to get rid of.  Ugh...I can't seem to find his tunnels.  Darn little varmint.

As for the blue grama plugs we planted last year and barely watered this year....they are now thriving due to our occasional monsoon rains.  I love monsoon season.  The grass has blue-greened up and is actually starting to grow.  And we've never had to mow it.  The bunnies help keep it trimmed.  Yes, it may not look like much to those of you use to lush green lawns, but this is a whole lot of green to us.  Kinda sad, isn't it?

That's my summer adventures in trying to get some green.  It's to be continued.  What are your summer adventures or projects?

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