Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Projects: Plugging In Grass

Okay, I grew grass plugs.  My brown thumb actually may have turned green for a short time.  All of my grass plugs grew and survived and well.....they looked like real grass plugs by the time I plugged them in the ground.

I had distant memories of the seed we planted that turned our dirt next to the side of our house green for a little bit.  But apparently it wasn't the right type of grass for the blazing hot sun.  The poor grass withered in our drought and hot sun.

I ended up with a brown and crispy patch of dead grass.  Don't lay out in the sun too long without don't want to look like my grass.  And drink water.  My grass didn't get much.

It took me a few nights after the kids went to bed and Biker Boy joined me one night, but I got 5 trays of grass plugs in.  Not much photographic evidence since it was getting dark and I was wielding grass plugs and not a camera.

But the plugs are in.  And just as my water barrels went dry from watering those rained last night and filled the barrels back up. 

The straw helps keep the ground moist.  You can see how the plugs on the left were put in days before the ones on the right.  They look a bit bigger and happier. 

I have visions of lovely patches of green.  That's all a girl can hope for in the high mountain desert.  Grow little plugs, grow.

I've already started 5 more trays of grass plugs and hope to get them in the ground before the frost comes.  Weather in the mountains can change quickly.  But I'm hopeful.  The plugs should be ready in about 2 weeks.  Until then I've got some more painting to do on the trim of the house.  And I've got to get our well water tested.  And I've got to.....

What are you up to?  Any brown thumbs gone green lately?

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